Monday, May 12, 2014


Now that it's finally starting to feel more like Spring (sort of...) I've been a little obsessed with finding the perfect pair of sunglasses. I know I already have quite a few pairs but it's a bit of a weakness... Plus, since I'm not buying clothes right now so accessories are the only area I can really indulge ;-) The two pairs that have captured my attention are the Karen Walker Super Duper's and Celine New Audrey Sunglasses. 

After seeing the Karen Walker's Super Duper's on a number of bloggers recently (i.e. Blair Eadie from Atlantic Pacific and Krystin Lee from Suburban Faux), I've become slightly obsessed with them. They have a subtle rounded shape that feels oh-so-fresh and stylish. And the arrow detailing on the sides (which matches the case) is really fun.

I've written in the past about my hunt for the Celine Audrey sunglasses (which I love) but I also really love the newest style of Audrey's (they're accurately called the 'New Audrey'). They're similar in shape to the classic Audrey but a little less cat-eyed and a little more square. They're fantastic and so stylish (I highly recommend them). I don't know anywhere that sells them online but they carry them at high end department stores like Holt Renfrew and Nordstroms. If you live in Toronto, I purchased mine from European Optical in Woodbridge. It's a fantastic optical store with a great range of designers and the nicest team of people working there. Plus, the owner Jack wears the coolest red Celine eyeglasses ;-)


  1. I just ordered the baby Audrey's to try. The classic were too big on my face. Wish I could try on the new Audrey's and see how they look! It's hard because there is no place close to me to buy them so I have to hope they will look ok! What did you choose?

    1. I have both the classic Audrey's and the New Audrey's which are a bit smaller. They're both great! Good luck with the baby Audrey's. I took a chance with the classic Audrey's when I ordered them too.



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