Wednesday, March 26, 2014


DH and I are expecting a new addition to our family in June. Kingsley is going to be a big brother and all of us are really excited for the baby to arrive. Being fashionable while dressing for two can be a challenge though. I have to say, I'm impressed that so many retailers are coming out with maternity lines. There's definitely a lot more options than when I was pregnant with Kingsley a few years ago (hello J. Crew!). I thought I'd pull together a list of my essentials for pregnancy fashion.

In terms of brands, I think Isabella Oliver and the GAP are my go-to for ordering things online but when I was pregnant with Kingsley, I went to NY pretty early on and made a trip to A Pea In The Pod with Jordana. You can order online from them now but I haven't gotten anything from them this time around.

1. BELLY BAND: This is my top essential mainly because I hate maternity clothes. I bought the Belly Band when I was pregnant with Kingsley and I'm using it this time around too. A Pea In The Pod has it listed as a Tummy Tube now. It allows you to continue wearing your regular clothes (with the button undone and zipper down of course) but keeps your pants up and covers everything so they don't actually look undone. This was great for me because I hate the feel of most maternity pants with their thick elastic bands. It's thin and I fold mine so it covers my pants but not my stomach. I also find that most maternity pants are made a lot bigger and less fitted than normal pants and are usually really unflattering. This really comes down to personal preference though. I don't like the feeling of a thick elastic over my stomach but I know other people who started wearing maternity clothes as soon as possible because they hated the feeling of wearing their normal clothes.

In terms of the maternity pants that are worth the investment, I'd recommend J. Crew's Maternity Toothpick Jean (although I had to order down in these because they stretched out), J. Crew's Maternity Minnie Pant, GAP Maternity Slim Cropped Trouser (again order down in these because the fit is huge despite what the reviews say online) and the J Brand Mama J Rail Maternity Jeans.

2. CUTE TANKS AND TOPS: The one thing I have stocked up on this time around are pregnancy Ts and tanks. I'm not sure how but with Kingsley, I only purchased one real maternity top (it seems crazy now). It was the Ruched Maternity Tank Top from Isabella Oliver. Aside from that, I just bought long tank tops from Aritzia in a size larger than I normally wore and it worked. This time around I've invested in a few more tops and I'm glad I did. Here are a few of the ones I've picked up: Isabella Oliver The Scoop Maternity Top in Black and Grey, GAP Pure Body Long Sleeve T in black, white and grey, GAP Pure Body Tank in black, white and grey. I'm also planning to order the GAP Striped Curved Hem T.
3. BLAZERS: I haven't purchased any maternity-specific blazers however blazers are a huge part of my pregnancy wardrobe. They do a good job of 'disguising' the bump early on and then help to add some style to your outfits. I've been wearing all of my staple blazers from Zara, Theory and Smythe throughout this pregnancy and just ordered the Smythe Spring Cross Over Blazer (which I've been obsessed with since I saw the Spring 2014 Smythe lookbook). I obviously won't be able to do up any of the buttons now but can wear it open until post-baby.

4. DRESSES: I bought two basic maternity dresses when I was pregnant with Kingsley and they were great staples. This time around I haven't been wearing them as much but they're still great to have. Isabella Oliver has the best (and most stylish) maternity dresses IMO. I have the Ruched Tank Maternity Dress but the Ruched T Shirt Maternity Dress and the Ruched Midi Maternity Dress are great staples too. 


  1. It looks like there are SO many more options than when we were pregnant together in 2010! I still remember trying on your Isabella Oliver dress and feeling like a sausage ;)

  2. That is amazing news, congrats on expecting and your new Smythe blazer! :)



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