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Harpers Bazaar published a great article on the Things Every Fashionable Woman Should Have By 30. The article proposes that while your 20s are for style, career and love experimentation, a woman entering her 30s should have pieces that represent her. Their list includes: 
  1. A Classic Shoe
  2. A Great Suit
  3. A Signature Flower
  4. A Beautiful Timepiece
  5. A Go-To Lip Colour
  6. A Personal Scent
  7. Jewellry You Never Take Off
  8. Original Art You Love
  9. A Forever Bag
  10. A Killer Winter Coat
What do you think about the list? I definitely subscribe to the theory that it's better to invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time. I also agree that it's important to have a few signature pieces or a scent that helps define your style. Here's my take on the importance of the elements on the list (and how my closet stacks up): 

  1. A Classic Shoe: I completely agree with this one. Whether you're a flats or a heels girl, you can never go wrong with investing in a classic shoe that will stand the test of time. The important thing is to take care of them. I always take my expensive shoes to the shoe maker as soon as I buy them and have a rubber sole put on the bottom to protect the shoe from wear-and-tear. This helps increase the life of your shoes dramatically (especially with delicate flats - like Chanel - or heels without a platform - like Louboutins). 
  2. A Great Suit: This is probably an area where I could step it up. While I've invested in good suits (Theory is usually my go-to suit brand), I definitely prioritize shoes and purses when it comes to spending money on investment pieces. 
  3. A Signature Flower: Although I love a number of flowers and would probably say Peonies are my favourites, I don't know how important a 'signature' flower is overall. This is one of the items on the list I think could be dropped off. 
  4. A Beautiful Timepiece: I completely agree with this one. A beautiful, well-made watch will last you a lifetime. And if you go with a classic, it'll never go out of style. 
  5. A Go-To Lip Colour: I don't know how essential this one really is. While it's good to have a signature colour that works for you, you also don't want your look to become dated. I would say my go-to lip colour is a light pink/nude lip for during the day and a red or fuchsia lip for a night out but I also try to switch things up and try new colours every once in a while. 
  6. A Personal Scent: This is probably a questionable one for a lot of people but I agree with it since I've been wearing the same scent for as long as I can remember. As soon as I tried Stella it became my signature fragrance and I always get compliments on it. When you find something that works for you stick with it.  
  7. Jewellry You Never Take Off: This is an important one. While it's great to play around with statement pieces and trendy jewellery, it's also nice to have signature pieces that you always wear. The one piece of jewellery that I wear 24-7 is my Cartier Love bracelet. It can only be taken off with a screw driver so it's really a piece that I NEVER take off. I also wear my rings (both my wedding rings and the stackable eternity bands I wear on my right hand) pretty much all the time as well.  
  8. Original Art You Love: My DH and I like to invest in art for occasions like Valentine's Day or birthdays because it's something we'll always have and brings so much colour into our home. 
  9. A Forever Bag: This is at the top of the list for me. I always try to invest in bags that are timeless and will never go out of style. The Birkin is obviously at the very top of my dream/wish-list but the Chanel classic flap is another bag that will always be a classic and the epitome of chic. 
  10. A Killer Winter Coat: This is a good one. I'd add having a classic Trench to this list as well but having a stand out, great quality Winter coat is a must. Over the years, I've invested in a few statement coats in great colours or unusual cuts and despite how many years have passed since I bought them, I always get a lot of compliments. A great coat just stands out. 

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