Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Smythe posted photos of their Spring 2014 collection on Facebook last week and there are so many things that I want! I can barely pick my favourites because there are so many great blazers. If I had to pick, I think the College Blazer, Spring Crossover Blazer and Gilet Blazer are my favourites but they're all pretty amazing. Here are my top picks from the collection: 

Dinner Jacket in Metallic Rose

Mini Tails in Black

College Blazer in Black
Spring Crossover Blazer in Awning Stripe (I need this blazer in my life!)

Gilet Blazer in Optic White

Spring Watch Jacket in Surplus Green

Boy Blazer in Flamingo

Military Jacket in Black Fade

Pagoda Blazer in Black Viper

One Button Blazer in Metallic Herringbone with Black Leather Patches

Photos: Smythe


  1. When I saw you pinned the blue and white one (before reading this post), I thought to myself "Lauren will definitely get the blue and white striped one, it's so her!"

  2. Those are some cool blazers! Love the styling here ... Except for the man sandals! :)



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