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It's hard to believe how many years have passed since the tragic death of John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Carolyn and John were as close to royalty as you can get in America and she's still at the top of my list of Style Icons. I remember being obsessed with her style (and of course her hair) and looking back it's funny how many of her looks are still timeless and classic despite how much time has gone by. Given how atrocious the fashion was in the 90s, that's really saying something. Here's a look back at some of Carolyn's most memorable looks and some of the top style and beauty tips we can take away from CBKs effortless style. 

BEAUTY TIP #1: LESS IS MORE - When it comes to beauty, CBK lived by the 'less is more' philosophy. Her barely-there makeup focused on showing off her great skin. I'd say foundation or tinted moisturizer, a brow pencil, mascara and red lipstick made up the majority of her makeup routine. 

BEAUTY TIP #2: RED LIPS DRESS UP ANY LOOK - As much as anything else, red lips have to be one of CBKs most defining style statements. She always kept the rest of her makeup very clean and made the red lipstick the focal point. 

A style retrospective on CBK wouldn't be complete without the iconic wedding photo. This dress single-handedly created a wedding style revolution.

BEAUTY TIP #3: A BUN IS EFFORTLESS - CBK had gorgeous long hair but the majority of the time, she'd pull it back into a chic effortless bun. I almost always wear my hair down but there really is something to be said for how sweeping your hair into a bun can instantly transform a look. 

STYLE TIP #1: EMBRACE NEUTRALS - you'll notice that Carolyn stuck to black, white, tan and brown a lot. 

STYLE TIP #2: YOU ALWAYS NEED A LITTLE BLACK DRESS - CBK was famous for her love of the LBD. She stuck to classic shapes and beautiful detailing but always reinforced the fact that you can never go wrong with a LBD. 

STYLE TIP #3: THE IMPORTANCE OF BASICS - You can never go wrong with basics. CBK was the Queen of leveraging classic wardrobe staples - i.e. the classic v-neck, a crisp white dress shirt, a pencil skirt. She would wear a white men's dress shirt with a long skirt to a charity event and it looked flawless. 

STYLE TIP #4: ALL BLACK IS VERY CHIC. CBK wore all black a lot. I always say that black is my confidence colour. I just feel good in all black and it was a look that CBK embraced a lot. 

STYLE TIP #5: SELECT STATEMENT PIECES - While CBK was famous for her love of style basics and neutral colours, she also bought some great statement pieces. While basics are really important, it's always good to have one or two statement pieces in your wardrobe that really stand out. I think these should usually be coats or blazers but that's just my opinion ;-) 

BTW - This red Prada coat is probably one of my favourite coats of all-time. It's pretty crazy how much this one coat stands out for me despite how many years have passed. 

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