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Today's post is a guest post from Danna. We've had numerous conversations about wanting to try lash extensions and how amazing it would be to wake up looking 'beautiful' - LOL. Imagine not having to put on mascara every day. It would be heavenly! So when Danna decided to get lash extensions, I asked her to do a guest post documenting the experience.

With reviews that include descriptions like “feel pretty all the time,” I started becoming obsessed with the notion of lash extensions. I couldn’t imagine a world where you’d go to bed feeling glamorous and wake up in the morning looking like you just had a fresh coat of mascara applied. Because I had a series of events to attend (hello wedding season), I convinced my pal Kate to join me in the experiment (even after several mocking comments from some of our girlfriends). Since we were dealing with our eyes, we wanted to make sure we went somewhere professional and reputable to try it out. We decided on MYNC, a cute beauty bar in Yorkville.  

Here's Kate before getting her lash extensions:

After our consultation, I opted for a more natural look. Kate went for a bit more of a va-va-voom look which she described as “doe eyed”.  It’s priced based on how many lashes you want. We both went for the Born Lucky option.

We sat down, and preceded to have individual eyelashes adhered to our lashes.  Going for a more natural look, mine alternated between thicker lashes and thinner ones, with the thicker ones being on the outside of the eye.  Kate went for the longer/thicker lashes – since she wanted a more dramatic look. 

Here’s me during application.

And Kate during her application: 
The application took about 40 minutes, and was not uncomfortable or painful – you basically just have to sit with your eyes closed while these cool patches under your eyes ensure no glue ends up on your skin/lower lashes. 

Once we were done we reviewed a few key rules for maintenance:  basically don’t play with them, don’t put oily things on them, and don’t submerge in water for 48 hours (though you can get them wet).

We we’re both pretty pleased with the results.

Here’s the after:

Kate’s “va va voom” lashes. And as much as people made fun of us for having them done, everyone agreed in the end that they looked great.

The review: So, having lash extensions is super fun, and they really do look great and are pretty easy to care for.  That said, they are expensive – so it’s not something I would want to maintain long term; definitely fun to have for a few months over the summer, though.  

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