Friday, August 16, 2013


Since we just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary, I thought I'd do an outfit snapshot and talk about what I wore on my wedding and what I'd do differently. 10 years is a long time and I could easily be looking back and cringing over all of our wedding photos. We got married before there were digital cameras and WAY before Pinterest.
I wore a Vera Wang dress which I loved. It was really simple - strapless, mermaid-style and the only real detailing was a long row of buttons down the back. If I was getting married again today, I would probably go with something that had more detail and embellishment but saying that I think the reason I'm not cringing about my wedding dress is because it was so classic. 
I also wore a Very Wang veil. Which was so beautiful and looked amazing in photos but because it was so long people kept stepping on it. I took it off within an hour of being married because my head hurt - LOL. I wish I would have kept it on longer but as you can tell in the photo above it was a hazard. 
The only thing I do regret about my wedding look were my shoes. I special ordered a pair of strappy nude Jimmy Choo's (see above) and they were the most uncomfortable shoes EVER! At the end of the night I had cuts on my feet from the straps and I have never worn the shoes again. I don't even like strappy shoes... I don't know what I was thinking. If I could do it over again, I wouldn't go with strappy or nude and I would definitely make sure they were more comfortable. My dream shoes now would be a colourful, fun pump or peep toe shoe that I would wear again. I definitely regret not having a statement shoe. 
My bridesmaids wore hot pink...which is probably another thing I'd change. The hot pink seems a bit much looking back but I'm happy they weren't completely matchy-matchy. All of their dresses were made in the same fabric but were different shapes and styles. BTW - I really love the picture of Julie and I above. 

One thing I absolutely wouldn't change is my wedding hair. I wore my hair down because that's how I'm most comfortable. I hate having my hair up and I couldn't imagine not looking like myself on my wedding day. It turned out that I had the best hair day EVER on my wedding day. I've been trying to recreate my long wavy locks for the last 10 years - LOL! 
Would anyone else change anything about their wedding look? Although I might go with something different today, I'm happy I went with such a classic dress looking back. And I figure if the only thing I would change is my shoes that's not too bad. 


  1. It's Romeo's goatee that throws me off! You guys looked beautiful.

  2. 10 years later :) ... you both haven't aged at all.
    I rmbr everyone stepping on your veil. Great pics!

  3. You look beautiful!! Such a classic dress it will never look dated. I wore my hair down too and I'm so glad I did :)



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