Monday, July 1, 2013


Samantha and I went to Yoga Under The Stars last Monday and it was so much fun. Very hippie but fun (lol). It was unbelievably humid all day but had cooled down by the evening and there was a beautiful breeze beside the pool. 

TOP - R: Outfit snapshot - Burberry trench coat, Anthropologie striped tee, Theory pants and Ferragamo flats. L: Freshly manicured nails with my go-to classic colour Malaga Wine.

BOTTOM - L: Kingsley has been dressing up in his Police uniform all weekend. He had fun placing Romeo and I under arrest. Haha! R: It was an overcast and breezy Canada Day today but we went down to the beach despite the cool weather. Romeo was trying to coax Kingsley to put his feet in the water. 

Here are some more shots of our Canada Day at the beach. Kingsley had so much fun playing in the sand!

After dinner we went out to the park and Romeo took Kingsley for an ice cream when I went to a yoga class.

What better way to end a busy long weekend than to take a yoga class! I did a hot vinyasa flow class and it was fantastic!

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