Thursday, July 18, 2013


I've posted about how much I love the Hermes Avalon blanket in the past. DH and I have been talking about renovating lately and when I think about my 'dream home' an Avalon blanket is always front and centre. I really, really want one of these beauties in my life!  

Here are some inspirational pics of the Avalon blanket in action:

I love everything about this combo of white sofas, spotted chairs, a union jack pillow and Avalon blanket! The black/cream combo is my favourite. 

The gray combo is also really beautiful!  

 I'm pretty sure this is an image from Guiliana and Bill Rancic's house. LOVE the Hermes blanket but I also love everything else. The built-ins are amazing. 

This photo is from Hilary Duff's Instagram account. LOL. She was getting her hair done but look at that fabulous Hermes blanket in the background! 

I wouldn't get this colour combo but this room is fantastic! 

And my other obsession is a Hermes tray. Do you remember the Hermes tray Olivia Palermo had in her apartment on The City? LOL. Loved it! I found a really cute shop on Etsy that makes Hermes-inspired trays that are so much fun!

Tray as a table

I'd want to use one like this - on a coffee table with other books/candles styled on top 

This is a smaller version and a Chanel-inspired tray

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