Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'm late to the bandwagon but in recent weeks have become obsessed with Scandal. My favourite thing about Scandal (aside from Fitz because I LOVE him) is the fashion. Is there a better dressed woman on TV than Olivia Pope? She's made me re-examine my wardrobe and start wearing heels more often. She's also made me realize I need to dress up a lot more. She's chic and powerful and sexy. And she is always dressed like a woman. Really, who else lounges around their house in cream silk pants and cashmere sweaters? I'm usually wearing my lululemon's at night and she's drinking Merlot in silk and cashmere (I need to up my game and invest in some silk PJs - LOL). 

This soft pink Ferragamo coat is so chic. I loft the pale colour and the wide shawl collar.
Photo: ABC/Richard Forman

This white Jean Fares gown with silver beading is sublime. Photo: ABC/Vivian Zink

Since Olivia Pope is making me reexamine my closet, I thought I'd list out my top tips for Olivia Pope style: 

1. CLASSIC: Olivia sticks to classics. She skips trends and instead focuses on power suits with feminine tailoring. While she doesn't go with the latest trends or heavy patterns, she wears bouclĂ© and tweed to perfection. She's also single handedly bringing long elbow-length leather gloves back in fashion. 
2. NEUTRAL: Olivia wears a lot of neutral colours - white, cream, ecru, camel, gray and black are her staples. And when she opts for colour, it's in the pale pink, ice blue or light green family. 
3. PERFECTLY TAILORED: Everything Olivia wears is perfectly tailored. She wears a lot of suits but they always fit to perfection and feature a defined waist, unusual collar or detailed shoulder. 
4. CLEAN: Olivia wears clean lines that flatter her shape and highlight her curves. While her clothing is always beautifully detailed, it's never busy or over-the-top.
5. STRONG: Olivia always dresses like a woman. She looks sexy and chic but also strong and powerful. Think modern-day power suits. Traditional power suits bring female politicians to mind (i.e. Hillary Clinton) however Olivia's suits are incredibly stylish and fashionable.

Watching Scandal has been another reminder for me to invest in quality pieces that are perfectly tailored and transcend seasons!

If you haven't watched Scandal yet, I highly recommend it. I'm already counting down the days till Season 3 starts! 

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