Monday, March 11, 2013


The latest edition of What's In My Bag is from Cynthia Yan at ASC. Cynthia has a really fun Alexander Wang bag and some great accessories (her blue Prada wallet is amazing)! And of course, no PR girl would be out and about without some trusty gadgets. Enjoy!

Purse: I need a bag that I can slight over my should and I love the hardware details on the corners. Sadly, I have "lightly tapped" many walls, cars, innocent pedestrians and tall dogs when slinging said bag over said shoulder. This was an impulse buy but I don't regret it! Plus, one of my best friend's is named "Alex Wang."

Wallet: I went to NYC over the holidays and my sister gave me a gift card to Saks. After 2 hrs I finally decided on this bad boy. I love the deep cerulean blue shade - not quite navy and not royal blue. 

iPhone & Charger: I have finally seen the light and understand why 95% of the people I know own an iPhone, having just switched from my Blackberry in December. (Although BB10 is peaking my interest...) Since I listen to SONGZA all day long, it drains my battery like crazy, hence needing the charger. 

Clementine: Well that looks super Chinese of me, toting a clementine around. But my husband threw me one before we left the house to eat at work today. 

Makeup Bag: Cannot live without chappy. Which is why I have 2: Blistex chappy and Kiehl's chappy. Second must-have item is black eyeliner as I have the longest, finest, most beautiful invisible eyelashes creating nothing on my lash line. 

USB Key: One of the following is the correct answer, I will let you decide which one you think it is: 
a) I have it just in case we need it for a last minute presentation.
b) I like to be prepared in case someone has an illegal download of movie, CD, etc. available for copy. 

There's a "makeup" bag attached to the purse and it contains back-up bobby pins, hair elastic, extra chappy in case I ever forget my regular makeup bag. I don't think I've ever looked inside it since first putting those items in there but it gives me comfort knowing they live there. 

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