Sunday, March 10, 2013


BOTTOM ROW: L (left to right) - Smitten, Chastity, Quiver // R - Smitten, Quiver 

My Tom Ford Lip Color Shines finally arrived and I couldn't be happier! They are so lovely. As you can tell from the photos, I was like a kid at Christmas and couldn't stop myself from trying on Chastity as soon as it arrived (I completely forgot to take photos before using it - LOL). I purchased three lovely pink shades from the collection - Chastity, Smitten and Quiver

PHOTO (left to right): Smitten, Chastity, Quiver 

These lip shines are incredibly lux and I love the look and feel of the slim packaging. They all have a wonderful vanilla scent which is really pretty and glide on effortlessly. The colour is a lot sheerer than Tom Ford's traditional lipsticks and can easily be layered. They also feel incredibly moisturizing when applied.

Quiver is a really pretty deep pink. It's described as light blue pink but it gives a rosy flush to my lips and has quite a pop of colour. It looks lighter in this photo than it really is but it's sheer so the colour is easily built up and looks quite natural. 

Left to right: Smitten and Quiver

Smitten is described as a honeysuckle pink and it's a lovely warm pink with gold. It has more shimmer than the other two and the least amount of colour. I find I need to build this one more than the others but it's really pretty on. 

Chastity is my favourite of the three. It's a beautiful light pink shade with blue undertones that's described as a blush pink. Although it's quite pink, it also looks very neutral and I would describe it as more of a nude pink. I find this one the most opaque of the three and although it's the lightest, seems to have the most colour. 

Left to right: Chastity, Smitten, Quiver

Left to right: Chastity, Smitten, Quiver

Overall, I would definitely buy more of these. Jordana actually ordered me another one for my birthday so I'm really excited to try that one as well! They are pricey but the quality is amazing and the packaging is so incredibly beautiful. 


  1. Quiver is calling my name! I haven't caved in yet though. Time will tell ;-)

    1. You need to do it Michelle. They're fantastic!



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