Sunday, January 20, 2013


Together, Cherry Pie Twins and La Dauphine Style, decided to test out two skin cleansing systems. I have been a fan of the Clarisonic Mia for quite a while and Samantha has recently started using the Olay Pro-X. We got together with both systems to compare them against each other. Both of us washed one side of our face with the Pro-X and the other with the Mia. Here are the stats on the devices:
- sells at Sephora Canada for $139
- replacement heads sell for $29 each
- different sized heads are available (for body and deep cleansing)
- comes in a variety of colours 
- comes with a charger
- comes with 1 oz of cleanser
- one speed, sonic oscillating system
- water resistant

Olay Pro-X
- sells at Shoppers Drug Mart for $34
- replacement heads for $14 each
- only comes in white
- battery operated
- comes with 20mL of cleanser
- 2 speeds, rotating 
- not water resistant
While both systems come with tester size versions of their respective cleansers, neither of us uses them. Instead, we use our own preferred cleansers in conjunction with the skin cleaning systems (I use Cliniderm Gentle Cleanser and Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Acne Wash and  Samantha uses Purity by Philosophy). For the purposes of our comparison for this post, we used the cleanser that came with the Pro-X.

Which device did we prefer?
Both systems claim to clean your face better than traditional washing, and we agree that's true. The brush head on the Mia is much larger than the one on the Pro-X. The Mia also feels a lot heavier and more powerful since the motor is larger. The bristles on both devices are very soft.

At the end of our testing, we didn't have strong opinions one way or the other about which cleaned our faces better... and it may be hard to truly say without us washing our entire faces with the devices for prolonged periods of time. That said, we agree that the Clarisonic Mia is a more powerful product with a lot of great extra features (like the different sized heads and the ability to bring it into the shower) but that the Olay Pro-X is a good inexpensive alternative.

Once you start using either skin cleansing system, you will never go back to washing your face. It's amazing how clean your face and how tight your pores will feel after using it. 


  1. great comparison! I bought the olay one since it was cheaper I like it but don't find it amazing I can take it or leave it most days. My friend had tried the mia and than bought the olay version (again based on price)and found it didn't compare at all and quickly went out and bought the mia!

  2. You didn't even say which one worked better. Just "here are these two devices. you're welcome." Useless post.



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