Thursday, January 17, 2013


This is a guest post from Jordana who went to LA for work last weekend (i.e. she had to attend the W Magazine Golden Globe pre-party on behalf of Cadillac). Yes, she has a pretty sweet gig... I asked her to do a few posts about the Hollywood party experience and how the celebrities looked IRL. Enjoy! L

IRL with Cadillac at W Magazine's celebration of the Golden Globes
Cadillac recently feted the Golden Globes at W Magazine's annual party. As actors, artists and supermodels descended on Los Angeles' Chateau Marmont, I took notes. Here's my "in real life" take on celebrity style:
Sienna IRL - Looked nothing short of adorable. Inside the party suite, she spent most of the evening covering up her delectable mini with a sweater. Her disheveled hair was perfection.

Miranda IRL - Picture perfect. She looks exactly like her photographs. Graceful. Prestine. Glittering in gold.

Frida and Dev IRL - Aren't they the cutest couple? They spent a portion of the party chatting on a sofa near the wood-burning fireplace. His smile lit up the room. Her look was age and event appropriate.

Kerry IRL - Let me start by saying I'm a huge Kerry Washington fan and was beyond excited to see her (and even more excited that she showed up in one of our Escalades). Unfortunately, her blazer and pajama pants did not shine IRL. She did a quick walk through the suite, mostly looking at the floor and with her hand blocking her face. Clearly she did not want to be photographed inside the event. From behind, her chunky-heeled shoes looked dowdy.

Eddie Redmayne IRL - Those freckles are cuter and the smile is bigger!

Amber IRL - From a mile away, a true supermodel can be spotted. Her height was fantastic. She looked like she just threw on her amazing LBD and rolled up to the event. She completely rocked her look! I was thrilled to brush up against her. As far as I'm concerned, she's legendary.

What a night! So pleased that Cadillac was a part of it! And, that I was 'required' to attend! xo


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