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Here is the latest What's In My Bag guest post. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! L

What's In My Bag - Guest Edition: Samantha
There were two reasons why it was appropriate for me to write a What's In My Bag post for La Dauphine on a day when Lauren and I had a girls shopping day planned. Reason #1: Lauren and I haven't shared too many shopping trips since our kids were born (before they were born, we used to do it all the time). In fact, I think there might have only been just the one time when we went cross border shopping together over a year ago (click here for details) not to mention that we haven't had any girl time without the husbands and kids since we went out for Lauren's birthday in March. Today was therefore a special day. Reason #2: On most days, I carry a tote bag full of things for my kids and I didn't think that would as much fun to write about than writing about my personal essentials. It was such an enjoyable shopping trip and I especially enjoyed having Lauren's style advice as I used my birthday gift certificates at JCrew and Tory Burch....

My Louis Vuitton speedy bag and zippy wallet were gifts, and I love both of them as much now as I did when I first got them many years ago. While iconic, the speedy bag has the one drawback of not having interior pockets. To avoid having all of my stuff just gather in a pile at the bottom of the bag I use some smaller bags inside. My Tory Burch cosmetics bag (similar here) holds most of my hair and makeup essentials, including a brush, hairspray, makeup, hand sterilizer and tissue. I like to travel with my Stila glow set and a makeup brush so that I can always brush on some illuminating powder to freshen up my face. Whenever I wear eyeliner, I also always carry it in my purse because I have a bad habit of touching my face which can require touch ups while I'm out. I also like to carry a few variations of lip gloss, lip stick and lip balm plus a mini bottle of Jo Malone fragrance. I also carry a leather card case to hold gift cards and other important cards and a purse pen, both of which are Tiffany (I got them from a swag bag from a charity event that I went to many years ago - similar here and here). My iPhone in its Kate Spade case is always with me too, of course! 

Can't live without my: Credit card because I never have cash! (Aside from my iPhone of course ;-)

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