Sunday, August 19, 2012


After being on vacation the week before, this week felt pretty hectic. It was also a big week for special occasions - it was my grandmother's 90th birthday on Wednesday and my 9th wedding anniversary on Thursday - so there was a lot to celebrate! Here are a few snapshots:

Wearing my Zara horse print blouse with my Hermes and Tiffany bracelets 

A much needed glass of wine after work

9 Years

Flowers :-)

Caramel Crunch - my favourite! My DH knows the way to my heart.

Kingsley acting silly at my grandmother's 90th birthday party. He's wearing a Tommy Hilfiger plaid shirt, GAP jeans (these are the cutest worn-out wash) and his red Chucks

Kingsley's new kicks - a pair of old school Adidas Superstars.  

We went to Skyzone Sports (an in-door trampoline center) with the Cherry Pie Twins crew. The kids loved the trampoline (big surprise)!  

My DH and Kingsley jumping! 

Ice Cream on Sunday night - yummy! 

I started watching Friday Night Lights last week and I am CRAZY for not watching the show years ago. I'm just finishing up Season 2 and I am obsessed! I pretty much love everything but I am especially in love with brooding, tortured Tim Riggins (seriously OBSESSED). I'm not even half way through all of the episodes but I really don't want it to end! 

I hope everyone else has had a great weekend! Texas Forever!

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