Friday, July 20, 2012


My week seemed to consist of a lot of food... I guess I'll be having a lot of salad next week to make up for it! 

There's nothing better than La Duree macarons straight from Paris! Thanks AJ! 

Lots of cupcakes at a baby shower for Jess (I only had one but still). They were AMAZING!

Isn't this the cutest basket? I have one with an owl on it in Kinglsey's room. And Jess' Little One will have a bubba too!

More macarons...LOVE! 

Dinner at La Carnita with the girls

Gin & Juice 



Chips & Guacamole 

Fried avocado tacos

Enjoying a cup of Toasted Walnut from David's Tea when I was sitting at the hairdresser getting my colour done.

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