Sunday, July 29, 2012


It was another busy week. Here are a few snapshots (healthy eating ONLY starting tomorrow).

We had a movie night at Jess' house and this is what we ate... I almost never eat junk food so I felt disgusting afterwards! Starting next week I am going to be eating super healthy! 

I don't know if you've tried this but it's HEAVEN! Chocolate, pretzel and peanut butter = AMAZING! I need to cut chocolate out of my life but it's so hard!

And cupcakes again! It was another team get-together. This is the last one for a while so no more cupcakes (thank god).  

Another Shellac mani and I went light again! Going back to the basics is growing on me.

We had a BBQ and my boys were twinsies! Even their silly faces are the same...too cute! 

Chico the Donkey at the Farm

Some more of the animals that were hanging out at the BBQ

Kingsley is obsessed with bouncy castles! He seriously can't get enough! 

The Peacocks wandering around the Farm 

 And they like my car...

 Four peacocks circling my car. Seriously bad parking spot - LOL

My boys' matching Crocs

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