Monday, July 23, 2012


When I first found out I was pregnant with my little one, I was positive that I'd have a girl. POSITIVE. I couldn't imagine having a boy...what would I do with a boy?!? And obviously clothing is SO MUCH better for little girls. Of course now that I have a little boy, I know that they're the BEST (at least he is) and I wouldn't change a thing. He's perfect! And he brings so much joy to my life. Every day is so much fun with him and he's an extremely stylish little guy! 

My only complaint is it's hard to find fashionable boys clothing...there's so much more selection for little girls. I thought I'd do a post on my list of summer essentials for boys and some of my favourite places to shop for him. 

Fedora, Colourful Tee, Crocs (or any easy-to-clean shoes in fun colours)

Fedora, Striped Polo

Colourful Tee, Plaid shorts, Crocs

My list of Summer essentials for little boys: 
  1. A Fedora: this is my top essential because it makes any outfit instantly stylish. I've picked up two for Kingsley - one from The Gap and one from H&M
  2. Colourful & Patterned Tee's: Colour is essential for summer and bright tee's are great way to stylize your little one's wardrobe. I'm also a big fan of pattern. Especially stripes!
  3. Polos: You really can't go wrong with a polo. They're classic and instantly make your little boy look like a little man - which is adorable! I like to go with bright colours or playful patterns. 
  4. Patterned shorts: I LOVE plaid shorts on little boys! They're super cute and look great with bright, striped Tee's or Polo's. 
  5. Easy to clean, colourful shoes: Kingsley lives in his Crocs during the summer. They let his feet breath, stay on and are waterproof/easy to clean. And the fact that Kingsley and my DH have matching Crocs is super cute. The key is to buy bright, colourful ones! Jordana swears by Natives (her LO has the Jefferson's) which are super cute too. 
  6. Chucks: Converse are essential for little boys all year round! Kingsley has red and black as staples in his wardrobe. 

My favourite stores/brands for little boys are: 
  1. Zara - My favourite place right now is Zara. They have the BEST selection of cute, stylish looks for boys. I've already bought a few cute Fall sweaters for Kingsley (yes, I know it's only July) and their jeans are my favourite. 
  2. J. Crew - Crew Cuts is super cute! The kids clothing has the same laid-back preppy style as the adult selection. It's a good alternative for when you want your LO to look cute without looking  too hipster. 
  3. Ralph Lauren - nothing looks cuter on little boys than a Ralph Lauren Polo. The line has great polos, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and shorts. I usually pick these up from Sporting Life (when they have sales) or The Bay
  4. The Gap - I think The Gap is good for basics. Jeans, sweaters, plaid shirts, PJs. I don't love The Gap  (it's a bit too generic) but they have great sales and can be depended on for some cute basics. 

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  1. Your little guy is so stylish!! That fedora is too cute :)



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