Tuesday, July 10, 2012


After being a long time holdout, I got an iPhone a few weeks ago and I'm completely obsessed. I'm still not used to typing on it (and I'm still using my Blackberry for work so I haven't switched over completely) but Instagram and all of the other apps more than make up for the typing issue. 

Aside from the phone, I've also been super excited about getting a fun iPhone case! Amanda and I both ordered monogramed cases from Plum Street Prints. I went with the pink/white chevron case and Amanda got a fun colour blocked case. 

Plum Street created and sent the cases really quickly. I had a slight issue with mine (it was crooked and had to be reprinted). However the Plum Street girls responded quickly and are having a new case made and sent out to me.

I'm already thinking about another case for Fall. LOL. I'm obsessed!


  1. Love your cases! Have you looked at the Kate Spade cases? They are uber-cute too!

  2. Love them! I really wanted a monogrammed case but cheaped out and went for a Kate Spade case instead, and I've always regretted it.



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