Thursday, June 21, 2012


In the past I've exclusively bought Theory pants for work. Basic black and cropped have always been my staples and Theory always fits me really well so it's my go-to. Unfortunately, Theory doesn't have any selection in cropped or ankle pants this season so I was on the lookout for a new pair. I saw Coralie a month or so ago and she was wearing a really cute pair of cropped pants. I asked her where they were from and was shocked when she told me they were the Slim Cropped Pant from the Gap. 

A few days later I went and tried a pair on and they became an instant staple! I've never bought a pair of pants at the Gap before, mainly because they don't usually fit me well but these are a really good cut and fabric. After having them for at least a month, they haven't stretched at all (which I was worried about) and they're at the top of my favourite pant rotation. 

And the bonus is the great price point. The Slim Cropped Pant is only $69.50 but I picked them up when the Gap was having one of their 30% off sales. Definitely a great deal for a good closet staple.


  1. I must not have been fulling paying attention when you were telling me this story. I LOVE my Slim Cropped Pants. Frankly, I wore them all winter tucked into my boots. They hold up very well in the wash. Enjoy!

  2. These are a staple for me too. Just got myself a second pair!

  3. Great price! And they look like a great fit.

  4. Great find! I will have to try these.



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