Sunday, June 10, 2012


A while ago Samantha asked me to do a write-up about how to style coloured denim. She has a fantastic pair of fuchsia jeans but never knows what to wear with them. I'm going to be completely honest and say that I don't own any coloured denim. I LOVE them but I have a thing about only wearing black or dark denim pants (it's crazy but I feel fat in any other colour). Saying that, if I get myself into amazing shape there's nothing I'd love more than buying a pair of bright jeans (white jeans are my ultimate fantasy). Anyways, aside from my weird compulsion with dark bottoms, I thought I'd give my take on the coloured denim trend. 

Overall, I think it's best to pair coloured denim with solid neutrals or stripes but it's not set in stone. If your jeans are slim, I'd go with a loose T or denim shirt (like the look below). Here are a few coloured denim looks that work really well together:

This pairing from Song of Style is perfect. I love the relaxed denim shirt with the bright pink jeans.  

 My obsession with the Zara Fantasy Blazer is well documented and now it's out again in beige. I love how it's been styled here with these peach jeans. 

Kim Kardashian paired aqua coloured jeans with a beige tank and jacket and it's the perfect look.  

Miranda Kerr's burgundy jeans look fantastic with a striped top and black blazer. I love this casual look.

Kim K rocked this trend again in bright blue jeans (which I love), a white T and black leather jacket. 

 Michelle Williams wears her bright blue jeans with a black/white striped top and black/white blazer. 

Rachel Bilson wore her burgundy jeans with a black blazer and printed scarf.  

This look from Have Less Be More is another great pairing. The orange jeans look great with the denim shirt and navy blazer.  

Malin Akerman paired her bright blue jeans with a loose black tank and black blazer. 

What are your thoughts on the coloured denim trend? Do you have a pair of bright jeans? Personally I think it's best to pair them with neutrals however there are always exceptions. I'd love to hear how you style yours. 


  1. Great post! I have a Paige pair in pink that I have surprisingly worn more than I thought. Love the fit and colour is called Deco Rose -

    Your post has inspired me and now I want a bright blue pair and stripped tops.

  2. Thanks Maria! I love the Paige pink jeans!!!!!! You should definitely do the bright blue and striped top combo :-)

  3. Love your post! Here's how I have been wearing my fuchsia skinnies. I think you and I need a trip to Yorkdale to get you a bright pair of blue jeans. Let's do it!!!!

  4. I feel the same way about most colored jeans. I think my legs look too big in them. The only ones I have are burgundy like the ones Rachel Bilson is wearing. They are still very slimming. I wear bright shorts instead. You've inspired me though I might have to try bright blue jeans :)



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