Sunday, March 4, 2012


I posted about my recent purchase from StyleMint the other week and I have to say that overall I was really impressed. I ordered two Ts and despite the fact that I'm returning one of them, the quality of these Ts is really fantastic! So here's the rundown...

Delivery was quick and the T-shirts come wrapped in cute brown paper wrapping with coloured string and StyleMint stickers - super cute!

I bought the Newbury T-shirt in Black and I really, really love it. This shirt fits like a glove and the fabric is fantastic. It really is the perfect black T and for the price I would easily buy this in every colour (unfortunately they're sold out in white and charcoal right now). It's a really great basic and this shirt has made me a StyleMint devotee.

The other shirt I ordered was the Albany and I'm going to return this one. To be honest, I needed a bigger size in this because it was extremely short (although I'm not positive a bigger size would have made that big of a difference so that's why I'm not straight up exchanging it). The fabric is great and the cut is really cute but I hate tops that are too short so this one just isn't for me.

If you're ordering from StyleMint for the first time I would recommend going up a size because I think this line runs small but overall I'm definitely a fan. You really can't beat the quality or the price!


  1. Me too! I wish I didn't have to return the one shirt but the Newbury is such a great T I'm just happy I got it ;-)



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