Sunday, January 15, 2012


I think there may be some fights over this round up and my picks but here we go - let me know what you think:

BEST DRESSED #1: Charlize Theron in Dior. Seriously - how can anyone even try to compete with this?!?! She's a goddess and was born to wear haute couture

BEST DRESSED #2: Salma Hayek in Gucci. Salma has never looked better! This black and gold gucci is so glam. She's stunning!

BEST DRESSED #3: Nicole Kidman in an absolutely AMAZING Versace dress. I don't think she's looked this good since she wore her famous Dior to the Oscars when she was still with Tom. This dress is magnificent!

HONOURABLE MENTION #1: Reese Witherspoon looked stunning in Red. I know this one might be controversial because Samantha has already told me she thought she looked like a bloated cheap mermaid. I loved the dress and think Reese has never looked better. 

BEST BLACK: Julianne Moore in a black Chanel dress. I LOVE the green earrings and the black ruffled Chanel dress. STUNNING!

HONOURABLE MENTION #2: Helen Mirren is so lovely (I have no idea why I said she was Dame Judy last night)! It's unbelievable how beautiful she is in this Badgley Mischka. 

OTHER WINNERS: Jessica Alba looked amazing in this Gucci dress. I'm so envious of her body - she had a baby like 6 months ago!

OTHER WINNERS: Emma Stone in Lanvin. It's different and fun and I really like it. 

OTHER WINNERS: Sofia Vergara in peacock Vera Wang. She is stunning! 

OTHER WINNERS: Nicole Richie in a silver Julien Macdonald. She looks like a total bombshell!

MOST UNEXPECTED: Jessica Biel in a long sleeve Elie Saab gown. It's really unexpected but I like it. 99% of the time I hate what Jessica wears so this is a rare win. 

BEST SUPERMODEL: Elle Macpherson in a beige Zac Posen dress. Elle is so stunning she can do no wrong. 

 BEST DRESSED ALOOF: Rooney Mara in Nina Ricci. I love this dress. It's so beautiful but it's too bad that it's black. To be honest I find this girl really annoying and hate how she's trying to be 'in character' all the time but I can't deny how gorgeous the dress is. 

 BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: Michelle Williams in Jason Wu. MEH! I don't dislike but I don't really like either. I'm indifferent and expected much better from her. 

BETTER THAN USUAL BUT STILL SUCKS: Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace. I think this is a LOT better than what she normally wears on the red carpet but it's still BORING as hell and kind of sucks. 

BEST ROCK STAR: Madonna in Reem Acra. I think she looks lovely. The dress is beautiful and her hair/makeup looks fantastic. The weird glove is ridiculous though. 

MOST PREDICTABLE: Kate Beckinsale in a beige Roberto Cavalli dress that she's probably worn a dozen times on the red carpet. 

JUST NOT DOING IT FOR ME: Claire Daines in J. Mendell. Jordana is crazy about this dress but it isn't doing it for me. I like the detailing on the back but it's just BLAH for me.

ALMOST THERE: Evan Rachel Wood in a green peacock dress. I think the gown is stunning but something isn't completely winning me over...

SHOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH BETTER: Mila Kunis in Dior. In theory she should have looked stunning in this gorgeous Dior dress but I have to say this dress really isn't doing anything for her. It's really, really BLAH.

WORST SUPER MODEL: Heidi Klum in Calvin Klein. This is such a boring choice for Heidi. I love the necklace but the dress is not flattering at all. 

MOST DISAPPOINTING 'IT' GIRL: Zooey Deschanel in Prada. I really, really want to like this dress but it's not flattering on her. 

STUPIDEST DRESS: Dianna Agron in a hideous red cut out Giles swan dress. Dianna is really pretty but her style is ASS. So ugly!

 MOST CONTROVERSIAL: Sarah Michelle Gellar in Monique Lhuillier. I'm completely on the fence about this one. I really like that she took a risk and actually love the shape of the dress but I don't know if she really pulls it off... Saying that, I like it SO much better than a lot of the other boring dresses on the red carpet tonight. 

MOST MEH: George Clooney's girlfriend in a boring red dress. Stacey has the worst style. So BORING!

MOST OVERDRESSED: Piper Perabo in a giant Oscar de la Renta dress. I actually love this dress but it does feel a bit try hard. I don't think she's even nominated. 

EXPECTED SO MUCH MORE: Julianna Marguiles in Naeem Khan. She's so beautiful but I hate the colour of this dress and the cut. It's too matronly. I do really like the green earrings though. 

BIGGEST BORE: Natalie Portman in a horrible fuschia/red gown with a giant side bussle. So ugly and BORING!

MOST UNDERDRESSED & INAPPROPRIATE: Katharine McPhee in Donna Karan. Is she really wearing this on the red carpet for the Golden Globes? She's so underdressed it's offensive. 

 UNSURE: Laura Dern in green sequin Andrew Gn. I love the green but hate the belt. Overall a C-

WORST GREEN: Colin Firth's wife is wearing a dress made from recycled water bottles?!?! I admire her dedication to being green but that doesn't stop the dress from being really ugly!

MOST UNFLATTERING: Kate Winslet in Jenny Packman. This is such a boring dress and really unflattering! I expect much, much better from Kate.

 WORST DRESSED: Lea Michelle in Marchesa. Lesley thinks she looks like she's in Cirque du Soleil and I completely agree. This dress is painful to look at it's so hideous!

What do you think? Which choices do you agree/disagree with?


  1. I forgot about Emma Stone! I think that may have actually been my favourite of the night.

  2. I'm with Sam on Reese's dress --- yikes! Not flattering. Agree that Charlize won the night!



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