Sunday, October 2, 2011


After walking in the Run For The Cure this morning, breast cancer awareness (and pink of course) was top-of-mind. I love my Eddie flats and was obsessed with these limited edition hot pink ones as soon as I saw them. What makes these comfy flats in an amazing vibrant pink even better? Tory Burch is donating 15% from the purchase of these to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They're only available in Tory Burch stores and on so they'll probably be in high demand. Looking stylish and giving to a good cause makes for the best shopping experience.

Tory Burch


  1. I LOVE these TB flats. Although you posted this 2 years ago I just bought my Tory Burch pink breast cancer flats last year during the TB Friends and Family sale. I LOVE them, they are so cute. These are mine.

    Great post, thanks for sharing



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