Friday, October 7, 2011


Rachel Bilson is out and about doing media for Hart of Dixie and has been looking great. It's only been 2 episodes but I'm already hooked on the show. It's campy and completely ridiculous (um, Rachel is playing a heart surgeon) but I can't help but love her and the ridiculous situation the show is based on. It's definitely worth tuning in!

I LOVE the black jacket and pink dress she's wearing in the first two photos. The structure of the jacket (and puffy shoulders) is fantastic and the ruffle detailing on the dress is really fun!

The lace dress and pink jacket are also pretty great. 

The black jacket looks fab again with this adorable polka dot dress. I love the colour blocking at the bottom of the dress and the white/red/blue combo. I'm so glad she's back on TV!

Getty Images, Film Magic, Fame Images

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  1. I haven't seen any listings for Hart of Dixie... when is it on? Is it like Grey's Anatomy but in space ;)



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