Wednesday, July 6, 2011


If you know me or if you've been reading my blog for a while than I'm sure you know my love for Harry Potter. I am so excited to see the final movie next week but it's also very bitter sweet because it will be THE END. There are no more books and no more movies to look forward to. This will be the last time I will feel the excitement of seeing these amazing books brought to life so spectacularly on screen for the first time. It's the end. I know I will cry (my DH thinks I'm a loser - LOL) and I know I will watch this movie again and again not just in the theatres but over the months and years to come. I am so excited to see the movie but dreading it a little bit too...

Of course, I can't post about Harry Potter without having an Emma Watson fashion update. I love her - she's so refreshingly age appropriate and fun. She takes risks but never goes too far with her choices. I think so many young Hollywood starlets could learn a lot from Emma. She attended a photocall for the movie in the UK today wearing a fabulous little black dress. I love the lace, the detailing, the ruffles, the belt - everything! I'm not a fan of the short hair cut but I understand why she wanted to do something different after so many years of not being able to make any changes to her 'Hermoine' hair. I know this is just a taste of the great outfits she'll be wearing on the Harry Potter media tour so I'm sure this is the first of many posts ;-)

Here is the trailer for the movie. I get emotional every time I see it... (sob)

Getty Images, Warner Brothers

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