Sunday, July 24, 2011


About a year ago, I bought the Ribbons Blouse from EmersonMade. I didn't wear it for quite a while but since going back to work its become one of my wardrobe staples. The silk fabric is so comfortable and it fits the body wonderfully (although I do wish it was a tad longer...that's just my personal preference).

I was on the site again and found a number of items I'm currently lusting over. First and foremost is the Black & Cream Tuxedo Jacket. Isn't it fantastic?

I'm also loving the Little Blouse - Little Swimmers Print. It's such a fun top that could be worn with a million different things.

Of course, I'm also a big fan of this version of the Ribbons Blouse - Golden Fishes print.


  1. I need to sit down with you and you can tell me how to shop :-) Love these!

  2. LOL - I need some makeup advice so we should definitely swap tips ;-)



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