Friday, June 17, 2011


To celebrate the arrival of Rachel Zoe's little fashion prince Skyler, Missoni has partnered with the uber-stylish stroller brand Bugaboo. The Missoni Bugaboo collection is literally TO DIE FOR! Of course, Rachel has been seen everywhere with her amazing Missoni stroller and matching blanket. I really wish this was out a year ago because I really, really want this! The Missoni accessories are available at Neiman Marcus for pre-order and it's just $269 - since it comes with a Missoni blanket I find this very reasonable but let's be honest - I can justify just about anything.
Seriously, how amazing is this stroller? It's the perfect print for a little boy or a little girl and it's just so cool!
Photos from, SplashNewsOnline, Neiman Marcus

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