Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So the renos continue and the house is still upside down. I have a million things to do (I still haven't decided on a new sofa/chair but we're making progress). Here's an update on some of my recent purchases for the house/reno:

I have a LOT of things to decide on for the baby's room still but one decision I have made is the crib. We've ordered the Pottery Barn Larkin crib (which I love). I've decided to go with a vintage white dresser as a change table (which I order from Chatelet on Saturday but it'll be a while before it's finished - before and after photos to come). I still need to decide on paint colour for the room, a chair/ottoman (all I know is I'm going with white) and a side table but progress has been definitely been made...

I fell in love with these adorable throw pillows after seeing them on Life In The Fun Lane. They're from SaSea on Etsy (which is an amazing site if you haven't discovered it yet). SaSea is actually having a buy 2 get 1 free sale so I also ordered the Queen Bee pillow. I'm going to have to pick up some 16x16 pillow inserts for them though.

I never thought I'd say this but I'm SO happy to be able to wash dishes in my kitchen sink again! For the last two weeks we haven't had a countertop in our kitchen and the sink has been disconnected - we've been washing dishes in our laundry room sink. Well, our new granite countertop was installed last week and the sink/faucet was installed on Saturday. Our new faucet has 3 different settings and I'm a little obsessed with it (LOL). We are in the process of painting the kitchen, finding hardware for the cabinets and the backsplash still needs to be installed but having a countertop and sink again feels like a big deal.

I picked up two of the monogramed mugs from Anthropologie. They're SO cute! Don't mind the background - the backsplash should be installed this weekend (yay!)

Talking about the backsplash...here's the backsplash tiles we've decided to go with in the kitchen. The colour/texture matches the tile we've put on the kitchen floor and I think it'll be a great contrast to our chocolate brown/black granite countertops. We're still painting the cabinets (well, DH is) but we're hoping the backsplash should be installed this weekend (fingers crossed).

When I saw the Estate Crystal Ball drapery hardware collection at Restoration Hardware I couldn't help but pick it up for our bedroom. Technically, I didn't NEED to buy a new drapery rod for the bedroom but the crystal balls will match our lamps perfectly - I couldn't help myself!

I needed to get new frames to replace a few that had been damaged so picked up some white ones from Home Sense. I bought two of the ornate frames and I'm going to save one for a photo of the baby (the other one is for a photo of our pooch W).

After quite a debacle (bringing two chandeliers home that were different colours and having to go back 2x) our chandeliers are finally up. I'm absolutely in love with them! This is a photo of the one over our bed.

And this is a photo of the chandelier at the other end of the room in front of our closet.

I ordered a new mirrored tissue box cover and tray from The White Company. I forgot to take a photo of the tissue box cover though...

I also picked up some new accessories for the bathroom - a new tooth brush holder and shower curtain hooks from Restoration Hardware and mirrored soap dispensers and containers from Home Outfitters.

Okay - next up I'll likely post about my search for a sofa... stay tuned!
L xoxo

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