Sunday, March 7, 2010


I'm actually surprised by most of these picks because I usually love these ladies. Tonight however their looks just didn't work for me. Thoughts?

I believe Kate Winslet is wearing YSL. The weird corset looks like an armored plate... sorry, I hate it.

I had such high hopes for Carey Mulligan. I love her. She's young and fun and fashionable. But the weird short/long dress and prom shoes are hideous. Saying that, if the dress was floor length I think she would have been on my best dressed list...

It's Sandra's night and she went golden. Her body is spectacular but I really don't feel like there's anything Oscar-worthy about this dress. It's a little too beauty pageant for me.

It's almost physically painful for me to say this because SJP is wearing Chanel but this dress is hideous!

Penelope Cruz went with her normal look. I've said this before but Penelope 's dress once again looks like something a Miss World contestant would wear. I can't stand the colour or the detailing...

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  1. Penelope's look is awful. She's completely lost amongst all that disgusting burgundy taffeta.

  2. OMG I loved Carey!!!!! Agree with the rest.... SJP is gross. Matthew Broderick looked pained to be beside her on the red carpet lol.



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