Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So the renos continue and the house is still upside down. I have a million things to do (I still haven't decided on a new sofa/chair but we're making progress). Here's an update on some of my recent purchases for the house/reno:

I have a LOT of things to decide on for the baby's room still but one decision I have made is the crib. We've ordered the Pottery Barn Larkin crib (which I love). I've decided to go with a vintage white dresser as a change table (which I order from Chatelet on Saturday but it'll be a while before it's finished - before and after photos to come). I still need to decide on paint colour for the room, a chair/ottoman (all I know is I'm going with white) and a side table but progress has been definitely been made...

I fell in love with these adorable throw pillows after seeing them on Life In The Fun Lane. They're from SaSea on Etsy (which is an amazing site if you haven't discovered it yet). SaSea is actually having a buy 2 get 1 free sale so I also ordered the Queen Bee pillow. I'm going to have to pick up some 16x16 pillow inserts for them though.

I never thought I'd say this but I'm SO happy to be able to wash dishes in my kitchen sink again! For the last two weeks we haven't had a countertop in our kitchen and the sink has been disconnected - we've been washing dishes in our laundry room sink. Well, our new granite countertop was installed last week and the sink/faucet was installed on Saturday. Our new faucet has 3 different settings and I'm a little obsessed with it (LOL). We are in the process of painting the kitchen, finding hardware for the cabinets and the backsplash still needs to be installed but having a countertop and sink again feels like a big deal.

I picked up two of the monogramed mugs from Anthropologie. They're SO cute! Don't mind the background - the backsplash should be installed this weekend (yay!)

Talking about the backsplash...here's the backsplash tiles we've decided to go with in the kitchen. The colour/texture matches the tile we've put on the kitchen floor and I think it'll be a great contrast to our chocolate brown/black granite countertops. We're still painting the cabinets (well, DH is) but we're hoping the backsplash should be installed this weekend (fingers crossed).

When I saw the Estate Crystal Ball drapery hardware collection at Restoration Hardware I couldn't help but pick it up for our bedroom. Technically, I didn't NEED to buy a new drapery rod for the bedroom but the crystal balls will match our lamps perfectly - I couldn't help myself!

I needed to get new frames to replace a few that had been damaged so picked up some white ones from Home Sense. I bought two of the ornate frames and I'm going to save one for a photo of the baby (the other one is for a photo of our pooch W).

After quite a debacle (bringing two chandeliers home that were different colours and having to go back 2x) our chandeliers are finally up. I'm absolutely in love with them! This is a photo of the one over our bed.

And this is a photo of the chandelier at the other end of the room in front of our closet.

I ordered a new mirrored tissue box cover and tray from The White Company. I forgot to take a photo of the tissue box cover though...

I also picked up some new accessories for the bathroom - a new tooth brush holder and shower curtain hooks from Restoration Hardware and mirrored soap dispensers and containers from Home Outfitters.

Okay - next up I'll likely post about my search for a sofa... stay tuned!
L xoxo

Sunday, March 7, 2010


My best dressed list is actually quite long. I love a few looks more than others but as a whole, these ladies all look amazing! What do you think?
Not to be predictable (I know Diane is always on my best dressed list) but I am SO IN LOVE with this Chanel dress. I have been in love with this dress since I saw it on the runway during the last Chanel show and I can't imagine anyone but Diane looking this fantastic in it. She's definitely my pick for best dressed!

The detailing on the back of this dress is amazing.

Maggie Gyllenhaal looks young, hit and super cool in this blue, black and white strapless column dress. I love this look!

Anna Kendrick is nominated for her first Oscar and she went with an absolutely beautiful pale pink off-the-shoulder dress. She looks absolutely ethereal!

Zoe Saldana is so cool. Her purple dress is fashion-forward but I love it!

So I usually can't stand Miley Cyrus and it's hard for me to have her on my best dressed list but she looks great. Her dress is perfectly appropriate for the Oscars while still being youthful and fun.

Rachel McAdams looks so pretty in this multi-coloured strapless gown. She's not nominated but looks absolutely appropriate in this gown.

J. Lo is always SO over-the-top but it works for me this time. I think this Armani Prive gown is stunning (although it would probably be hideous on anyone other than J.Lo).

Demi looks flawless as per usual...

Kristin Stewart looks flawless in this strapless gown. The detailing is exquisite!

Vera Farmiga's dress is AMAZING! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the amazing ruffle detailing.

Getty Images


I'm actually surprised by most of these picks because I usually love these ladies. Tonight however their looks just didn't work for me. Thoughts?

I believe Kate Winslet is wearing YSL. The weird corset looks like an armored plate... sorry, I hate it.

I had such high hopes for Carey Mulligan. I love her. She's young and fun and fashionable. But the weird short/long dress and prom shoes are hideous. Saying that, if the dress was floor length I think she would have been on my best dressed list...

It's Sandra's night and she went golden. Her body is spectacular but I really don't feel like there's anything Oscar-worthy about this dress. It's a little too beauty pageant for me.

It's almost physically painful for me to say this because SJP is wearing Chanel but this dress is hideous!

Penelope Cruz went with her normal look. I've said this before but Penelope 's dress once again looks like something a Miss World contestant would wear. I can't stand the colour or the detailing...

Getty Images


I usually LOVE these fashionable ladies but I'm on the fence about their Oscar picks this year. What do you think?

Cameron Diaz's dress is very pretty but it just feels too safe for her.

I love Charlize - she looks amazing in everything! I don't know why I'm not loving this dress but something about it doesn't work for me. Her makeup is flawless though!

UPDATE: So I'm starting to think that Charlize should be on my best dressed list. The dress is growing on me...what do you think?

Nicole Richie looks fantastic but I just don't think the dress was Oscar 'appropriate.' I know she wasn't nominated (she's not even an actress - I'm actually not sure why she's there but the dress still isn't enough for me).

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Thursday, March 4, 2010


I'm a beauty junkie and have a lot of go-to favourites but I gush to people about my love of Blinc Kiss Me Mascara just about every chance I get. I can honestly say it's one of the products I couldn't live without. Blinc is a tube-technology water-resistant mascara that is absolutely astonishing. Once applied, the mascara forms tiny water-resistant tubes around your lashes for maximum amplification and hold, rather than painting them like conventional mascaras. The tubes bind to your lashes and can't run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes. As someone who wears contacts, this is amazing! In the past, even when using water-proof mascara, I would always get black smudge marks under my eyes after removing my make-up/mascara and when removing my contacts I'd always get black on the lenses. This problem is non-existent with Blinc.

What's cool about the mascara is that neither water nor pressure alone will remove it. Only the combination of lots of warm water and gentle pressure will slide the tubes easily from your lashes. Once it's removed you'll actually see the tiny tubes in your hand. It's an amazing technology and if anyone is getting married anytime soon (Jolene & Jessica - this post is for you) it's the perfect cry-resistant no-smudge mascara!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A new Vera Wang store opened up in LA and celebs turned out on the red carpet decked out in Vera. Here are my favourites:

Reese wore a great purple strapless dress. She looks fantastic!

Mila Kunis wore a stunning LBD. I love the detailing on it!

Rachel Zoe wore my favourite dress of the night. I LOVE the white/black combo!

Getty Images, Wire Image

Monday, March 1, 2010


I've had numerous friends tell me about the benefits of makeup primers in recent months and I finally decided to give one a try. Jordana raves about the Smashbox primer and S loves the Laura Mercier primer. I was on the fence about which one to get but decided to try the Make Up Forever HD Microperfecting Primer. They're all oil-free but I didn't love the smell of the Laura Mercier primer and was told that because the Smashbox primer contains silicone it can cause breakouts for people with sensitive skin (which I have) - hence going with Make Up Forever. I've been using the primer for about 2 weeks and I absolutely love it. The main benefit I've found is that my makeup now lasts and looks fresh all day. In the past, I'd find that my blush would fade and the intensity of my eyeshadow would decrease by the end of the day. Now, my makeup looks freshly applied all day - which I love. I really can't recommend a primer enough!


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