Saturday, February 6, 2010


Here's my roundup of the biggest Grammy disasters. To be fair, you can't judge the Grammy's the way you would judge any Hollywood red carpet or award event, you expect there will be more of an edge and a little more rock n' roll, but these looks just didn't work for me...
J. Lo is trying SO HARD to be relevant again. This dress is just painful for me. Everything about it is just wrong. It looks like the forgot to sew half of her dress on. I'm pretty sure it's Versace but it's just tragic.

Oh B - why do you insist on stuffing yourself into these horribly unflattering gowns? I hate this. The good news is that the rest of the outfits she wore on Grammy night (there were at least 3) looked great.

Love Rihanna but this Elie Saab white number isn't working for me. It's a little too much Frankenstein's bride and not enough edge.

Kristin Bell wore a hideous black floor length dress. I love Kristin Bell. I am a huge fan of Veronica Mars so I'll always have a soft spot for her but she just tries so hard and nothing seems to work. She definitely needs a new stylist!

Wow - there are no words. Just tragic.

Katie Perry wore a nude coloured full length dress with gold poppy detailing. The dress is extremely flattering but I hate the detailing.

I wish Carrie Underwood would have worn the short sparkly number she wore to the Clive Davis party instead of this number. It reminds me a lot of Kristin Bell's dress - horribly unflattering and forgettable.

Wow - when did Nicole Kidman decide to start dressing like a pilgrim? This Prada number is horrible.

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