Friday, February 26, 2010


It's been a while (sorry, work/life has been crazy) so I've decided to do a double style spotlight today. Enjoy!
Michelle Williams at the Shutter Island premiere. I love the one-shoulder ruffle on this dress.

Kate Bosworth wore a stunning nude coloured sheath dress with red heels to the after party for Calvin Klein's Fall 2010 Collection last week.

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Monday, February 15, 2010


You've probably noticed that the blog has slowed down quite a bit in recent months. It's been crazy busy at work and the DH and I have a lot going on (we're expecting a baby in the Spring)! In anticipation of our expected arrival, we've recently decided to do a few renovation projects around the house. S is constantly laughing at me and saying 'I told you so' because what started as 'just the basement' has turned into a much bigger project. Here's what we're currently doing:

  • New floors (done and look great). Not sure if you'll believe this but we went to Mexico and my DILs (darling in-laws) took care of everything for us. We came home and it was all done!
  • Replacing existing wood fireplace that is blocked off with an electric fireplace and building a new mantel
  • New baseboards (done - just need to be painted)
  • New stairs (done - currently in the process of being stained and varnished now)
  • Painted (done)
Kitchen/Laundry Room/General Purpose Area:
  • New tiles (being done this week)
  • New granite countertop (hoping to order this on the weekend so it'll be a few weeks before it's done
  • New backsplash (same timeline as the countertop)
  • Repainting kitchen cabinets (likely after the backsplash)
  • New hardware for kitchen cabinets
  • New stairs (done - currently in the process of being stained and varnished now)
Bedroom (this isn't a reno but I'm in nesting mode and needed to give the room a bit of a face lift):
  • New lamps (see below)
  • New bedding (see below)
  • New drapes (see below)
  • New chandeliers (haven't purchased but see below)
I'd also LOVE to get a new couch and set of chairs for our living room but we'll see. We're lucky because my DH is super handy and can do a lot of the renos himself. Which makes a spur-of-the-moment reno a lot easier to tackle (esp on the budget) but also adds a lot of extra work for him. I think there are moments when he wants to strangle me but I'm carrying his child so he just grins and bears it - LOL. When it's all done he'll be really happy that we've made all of the changes.

Okay - here are some of my recent purchases and/or soon to be purchases for the house. Let me know what you think!

I ordered one of these linen tissue box covers from Pilo after seeing it at Darling Spa. Such a great invention!

Not home-related but S picked up these gold Tory Burch flip flops for me in Florida (she bought the adorable white patent flip flops with the flowers for herself). They're a great basic! Now I just need summer to be here so I can wear them!

I purchased new lamps for our bedside tables in the bedroom a while ago. And it was an epic journey to pick these ones out. S has the same lamp in her bedroom and despite purchasing 3 other styles of lamps, I kept coming back to these ones. I asked her if she'd mind if I bought the same ones and she didn't (since not many people spend a lot of time in both of our bedrooms - LOL).

I've had my eye on these Thai Silk Chocolate Banded Drapes from Restoration Hardware for years. I finally gave in and ordered them for our bedroom.

These bunnies are so adorable and SO SOFT! I couldn't resist picking them up from Chapter's for the baby's room. I haven't really done anything else in there but I'll tackle that once the kitchen, etc. is done...

As noted above, I needed a change in our master bedroom so in addition to the new lamps, drapes and chandeliers (see below - haven't purchased yet but I'm planning to), I picked up new bedding from Au Lit. Until now we've always had a black or dark brown duvet cover so I decided to go light for a change with white sheets, a white on white striped duvet cover, chocolate brown Versailles shams and a matching chocolate brown Versailles bed cover to break up the white a bit. I'm not going to try out the new bedding until the reno is closer to being done but I'll post some photos once the room is all finished.

Restoration Hardware had their Luxury Plush Throws on sale and I couldn't resist picking up two of them. I was at the cash register with the brown one when I found out they were on sale and immediately ran to pick up the cream one as well. They are so soft and comfy!

I picked up this apothecary jar and mirrored frame from Stacaro on King St. I'm planning to put the jar in our bathroom and fill it with French soaps. Turns out S has a mirrored frame almost identical to this one (this purchase wasn't on purpose - LOL). I still need to find a photo for the frame...

DH and I bought this Brewster Brockman painting in Mexico (sorry this isn't the best photo of it). This is the third piece we've bought of his and I really love it. We just need to decide on where we're going to hang it because it's leaning against the windows in our living room right now.

I haven't bought this yet...but I want to get a set of one of these chandeliers for our bedroom from Elte. I actually like the chandeliers we currently have and would use them somewhere else if we had the space but they were never really what I had in mind for the room (they're iron with basic light covers - nice but plain). I think a set of one of these chandeliers will add the perfect amount of glamour to our master bedroom - which is currently filled with clean lines and simple silhouettes. I'm leaning towards the chandelier on the right because it's fuller but I'm going to check a few more places before I purchase them.

Lastly, I've been keeping an eye out for a new couch/set of chairs for our living room. I want something that looks nice but is comfortable and durable (since W has the run of the house and we'll have little feet running around here soon). I saw the Alexa Collection from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams at Elte and think it might be perfect. Its slipcovered so it'll stand up perfectly to the wear and tear it'll likely get and you can order new slipcovers whenever you need to so I wouldn't be completely terrified if I went with a light coloured fabric (which is what I really want).

Okay - that was a lot but I think that's it. I hope you don't mind if some of my posts are home-related since that's what I'm currently obsessed with!


I'm starting to pull together some of my wish lists for the Spring. There's lots of great things out there but here are a few that have already caught my eye.
This is an amazing double breasted Elizabeth and James blazer with cropped sleeves. LOVE IT! It actually looks identical to a Theory blazer I bought in NY so I can't justify ordering this but it's fantastic.

These Miu Miu wedges are sublime. Miu Miu makes the BEST accessories!

I love this Missoni cardigan. It's so perfect for Spring/Summer.

Friday, February 12, 2010


The Spring collections are starting to arrive and I'm already getting excited for all of the fresh, fabulous new arrivals. On the top of my list is this amazing Miu Miu Oversized Sequin Clutch!


Jennifer Garner wore a stunning strapless dress with leather, lace and mesh detailing to the premiere of Valentine's Day earlier this week. She looks fantastic and was definitely the best dressed at the premiere.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Diane Kruger won an award for Best International Actress in Berlin last week. I am in love with this dress and amazing fun coat - Perfection!

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Better late than never - right? Here are my thoughts on some of the best looks from the Grammy's. I think there's some controversial choices so you'll have to tell me what you think.

Marissa Miller looked red hot on the Grammy red carpet. I have no idea why she was there but she definitely looked great in this white vintage mini.

B made up for the hideous dress she wore on the red carpet with this amazing mini. Stunning! They are the coolest couple around!

Michelle Lea looked great in a Romona Keveza mini. I love the feather skirt! Her hair is horrible though...

I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus but this dress is pretty awesome!

Lady Gaga teamed up with Giorgio Armani for her Grammy outfits. This is obviously out-of-this-world but she's so cool and artsy I like it. Only Gaga could wear this though!

Ke$ha wore a gold sparkly fringe number to her first Grammy's. I think she did a good job of keeping her edge but looking completely appropriate for the event at the same time.

I had to put Brittany on my list because she actually looked pulled together. We're so used to her looking like a fashion disaster that this look is worth a call out. I think she's wearing Dolce & Gabanna and she looks great.

I said earlier that I wish Taylor Swift had worn the sparkly mini she wore to a pre-party instead of this. Don't get me wrong, this is a beautiful dress (and she's still on my best dressed list) but I can't help but feel this is a dress for someone much older. I would have loved to have seen Taylor in something young and edgy.

Fergie looked fantastic in a blue Pucci dress with gold snake-like detailing.

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Here's my roundup of the biggest Grammy disasters. To be fair, you can't judge the Grammy's the way you would judge any Hollywood red carpet or award event, you expect there will be more of an edge and a little more rock n' roll, but these looks just didn't work for me...
J. Lo is trying SO HARD to be relevant again. This dress is just painful for me. Everything about it is just wrong. It looks like the forgot to sew half of her dress on. I'm pretty sure it's Versace but it's just tragic.

Oh B - why do you insist on stuffing yourself into these horribly unflattering gowns? I hate this. The good news is that the rest of the outfits she wore on Grammy night (there were at least 3) looked great.

Love Rihanna but this Elie Saab white number isn't working for me. It's a little too much Frankenstein's bride and not enough edge.

Kristin Bell wore a hideous black floor length dress. I love Kristin Bell. I am a huge fan of Veronica Mars so I'll always have a soft spot for her but she just tries so hard and nothing seems to work. She definitely needs a new stylist!

Wow - there are no words. Just tragic.

Katie Perry wore a nude coloured full length dress with gold poppy detailing. The dress is extremely flattering but I hate the detailing.

I wish Carrie Underwood would have worn the short sparkly number she wore to the Clive Davis party instead of this number. It reminds me a lot of Kristin Bell's dress - horribly unflattering and forgettable.

Wow - when did Nicole Kidman decide to start dressing like a pilgrim? This Prada number is horrible.

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I missed a lot when I was on vacation so I'm starting to catch up now. Before I get into the Grammy fashion round up here are some of the looks I liked from the pre-party festivities.
I usually hate Carrie Underwood's style but I thought she looked great in this sparkly number at the Clive Davis party.

Fergie looked great in a gathered champagne mini.

Taylor Swift continued the mini trend in another sparkly number. She looks great! I like this so much better than what she wore to the Grammy's.

Rihanna in a fashion-forward number as usual. It's not something I would wear but she makes everything look cool.

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Friday, February 5, 2010


I'm back from vacation and I had to post these images of Amanda Seyfried attending the premiere of Dear John. She wore an AMAZING navy Georgio Armani trimmed with a silver band. Love, love, love!

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