Sunday, January 17, 2010


Here's my least favourite looks from tonight's Golden Globe awards:

I love Rita and Tom but I have no idea why Rita decided to make a dress out of her grandmother's old couch! There's not really words to describe how bad this dress is...

Fergie tried really hard to class it up with this one but the periwinkle blue colour just looks cheap.

Kate Hudson - I HATE this dress! Hate it. Hate everything about it. And the stripper shoes are gross.

Jennifer Garner wore a taupe sparkler that doesn't look too bad in this photo but in most of the other photos and on TV was horribly unflattering.

Penelope loves dressing like a Miss World contestant and she doesn't disappoint tonight. Nothing about this dress works.

January Jones gets my vote for Worst Dressed of the night. Holy crap this is a seriously UGLY outfit. It's not just the dress - it's also the hideous headband capping it off that makes it so atrocious.

Olivia Wilde wore a slinky, sequin dress that just looks cheap to me.

Drew Barrymore's dress could have been stunning but the detailing on the shoulder and hip just don't work. I want to love this dress but it's not working for me...

Kristin Bell looking brutal again. The dress isn't really that bad but it doesn't look good on her and paired with the shoes it's awful.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear your take on whether these dresses worked/didn't work.

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  1. Hahaha your comments are hilarious! I agree on all except January. I don't mind the dress but the headband..... AWFUL!!! Has Jennifer Garner lost like a hundred pounds???? She looks terrible. And that dress is a snore. And what's with the Globes, couldn't they have built a tarp or something. The rainy red carpet was a disaster. Celebs should be immune to the weather.

  2. My thoughts- January Jones and Olivia Wilde look awful. It's funny how you say Penelope loves dressing like a Miss World contestant! that's been her look lately.

    MrsGraph- i agree celebs should be immune to weather. ha ha ha

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