Friday, January 15, 2010


The Critics Choice Awards took place tonight in Hollywood. Here's a recap of some of the good, bad and great fashion choices:

Zoe Saldana was my favourite of the night. This dress is heavenly and I seriously die a little for these shoes - AMAZING!

Diane can do no wrong. Such old school Hollywood glamour! I can't wait to see what she's going to wear to the Golden Globes on Sunday!

I love Anna Kendrick but nothing about this dress works. She's young but this dress ages her and is pretty unflattering. The cut, the fabric - everything about this dress is a disaster.

Emily Blunt looked stunning in a cocktail length silver sequin dress. So classic! She needs to work on the posing though - not a great photo.

Saoirse Ronan looked great in a fun floral mini. It's such a great, age-appropriate choice. I'm not loving the gold booties but overall I think the look works.

Marion Cotillard looked fantastic in a cream dress. I'm not a fan of her hair though...

Carey Mulligan looked quirky and cute in a floor length black dress with a chunky gold necklace. I really like the detailing on this dress. She's adorable!

It looks like someone was shopping for a dress at Marla's Dress Emporium... Kristin Bell was definitely the worst dressed of the night. This is a seriously ugly dress! It's actually a vomit/migraine inducing dress and the shoes actually hurt me to look at - ugh, SO UGLY! I really hope no one dressed her because if she had a stylist they should never be hired again. They should actually be deported so they never inflict something this hideous on the red carpet again.

That's my take - what are your thoughts?

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  1. My favorite look- Zoe Saldana.
    I agree Kristin Bell looked ridiculous in that dress.

  2. Marla's Dress Imporium LOLOLOLOL!

    I also love Zoe's look.



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