Sunday, January 24, 2010


The blog is going to slow down over the next few weeks because I'm heading to Mexico with my DH. See you when I get back! xoxo


The SAG Awards were on Saturday night and there was a great turn out on the red carpet. Here's some of my favourite looks:

Diane Kruger was absolutely stunning in a mustard yellow one shoulder dress. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Marion Cotillard wore a one shoulder cream mini. She looks AMAZING!

Drew Barrymore wore a fashion-forward navy dress. Unlike her dress at the Golden Globes, I think this one really works.

Anna Kendrick looked great in purple. I love this dress.

Carey Mulligan wore a fantastic red strapless dress. I love the gathered detailing!

Sandra Bullock looked great in a slinky black dress with blue detailing. I really like the short sleeves.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Here are some of my favourite looks from the Golden Globes after parties:

Ashley Olsen wore an AMAZING blue mini. I am so in LOVE with this dress!

Amanda Seyfried looked fantastic in Valentino. This dress is absolutely stunning!

Kate Bosworth rocked it in a white cocktail length dress with beautiful draping. She looks great! And I heard she was making out with Alexander Skarsgard at the afterparty...lucky girl!

Chloe Sevigny wore a black Christian Lacroix to the HBO afterparty. I like this so much better than what she actually wore to the awards!

Lake Bell wore a super sexy fitted mini with Christian Louboutin booties. Va va voom!

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Monday, January 18, 2010


I broke down and ordered the Tory Burch Braided Wedge Sandal. I love these! They should arrive just in time for my trip to Mexico!

J. Crew is having a great sale right now. I ordered a few bikinis for Mexico and ended up getting a these cardigans on sale and a new necklace. J. Crew Watercolour Leopard Cardigan, Crystal and Pearl Necklace and Clustered Constellation Cardigan.

Black jacket with white piping and gold buttons from Mendocino (it was only $40)!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Here's my take on the best looks on the Golden Globes red carpet. I'm sure I'll be adding more once all of the photos from the evening are out:

Diane Kruger can do no wrong. A lot of people may not like this dress (and it would probably look awful on anyone else) but I think she looks fantastic. I love the colour and the beautiful detailing.

Emily Blunt looked amazing in flowy soft pink dress. I love this! And she looks radiant beside John.

Zoe Saldana's dress is an amazing colour and the detailing on the skirt is so unusual. I think it really works.

Anna Kendrick made up for the horrible black dress she wore the other night with this one. I love the ruffle and one-shoulder detailing.

Maggie Gyllenhaal wore a beautiful peach column dress with detailing.

I love the detailing and colour of Carey Mulligan's dress.

Julia Roberts kept in simple in a short, long sleeved LBD but she is so beautiful! I am so envious of her amazing curls.

Sandra Bullock looked beautiful in a deep purple dress. I love this!

I couldn't resist another photo of Diane with Josh on her arm. They are such a stunning couple!

I typically hate the way Diana Aragon dresses but she looks fantastic in this flowy dress.

Cameron Diaz wore a fantastic red satin dress. Not many people could wear this...

Anna Paquin looked stunning in a gold floor length dress.

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Here's my least favourite looks from tonight's Golden Globe awards:

I love Rita and Tom but I have no idea why Rita decided to make a dress out of her grandmother's old couch! There's not really words to describe how bad this dress is...

Fergie tried really hard to class it up with this one but the periwinkle blue colour just looks cheap.

Kate Hudson - I HATE this dress! Hate it. Hate everything about it. And the stripper shoes are gross.

Jennifer Garner wore a taupe sparkler that doesn't look too bad in this photo but in most of the other photos and on TV was horribly unflattering.

Penelope loves dressing like a Miss World contestant and she doesn't disappoint tonight. Nothing about this dress works.

January Jones gets my vote for Worst Dressed of the night. Holy crap this is a seriously UGLY outfit. It's not just the dress - it's also the hideous headband capping it off that makes it so atrocious.

Olivia Wilde wore a slinky, sequin dress that just looks cheap to me.

Drew Barrymore's dress could have been stunning but the detailing on the shoulder and hip just don't work. I want to love this dress but it's not working for me...

Kristin Bell looking brutal again. The dress isn't really that bad but it doesn't look good on her and paired with the shoes it's awful.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear your take on whether these dresses worked/didn't work.

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I love award season! It brings out some of the best fashion. Leading up to the Golden Globes tonight, the celebrities were out in attendance at the Art Of Elysium 'Heaven' Gala Event in Beverly Hills last night. Here's a recap of the red carpet looks (mostly good with the exception of Jessica Alba):

Ashely Olsen looked unbelievable in a cream lace dress with a ruffled train. She looks amazing. She tops my best dressed list!
Kiristen Dunst wore a pretty LBD with cut out back detailing.

Molly Sims looked sexy in a shimmery silver floor length dress.

Camilla Belle wore a fashion-forward short number. I don't know if I LOVE it but I like that she's taking a risk. And her shoes kick ass.

Jessica Alba - hate this dress and hate these shoes! Blah...

Rachel Bilson wore a beautiful Chanel dress (she seems to be on a Chanel kick lately). Love it!

Kate Bosworth looked super tanned and stunning in a light blue strapless floor length dress. The dress is boring but she looks great.

Nicole Richie looked really pretty in a patterned, multi-coloured wrap dress.

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Friday, January 15, 2010


The Critics Choice Awards took place tonight in Hollywood. Here's a recap of some of the good, bad and great fashion choices:

Zoe Saldana was my favourite of the night. This dress is heavenly and I seriously die a little for these shoes - AMAZING!

Diane can do no wrong. Such old school Hollywood glamour! I can't wait to see what she's going to wear to the Golden Globes on Sunday!

I love Anna Kendrick but nothing about this dress works. She's young but this dress ages her and is pretty unflattering. The cut, the fabric - everything about this dress is a disaster.

Emily Blunt looked stunning in a cocktail length silver sequin dress. So classic! She needs to work on the posing though - not a great photo.

Saoirse Ronan looked great in a fun floral mini. It's such a great, age-appropriate choice. I'm not loving the gold booties but overall I think the look works.

Marion Cotillard looked fantastic in a cream dress. I'm not a fan of her hair though...

Carey Mulligan looked quirky and cute in a floor length black dress with a chunky gold necklace. I really like the detailing on this dress. She's adorable!

It looks like someone was shopping for a dress at Marla's Dress Emporium... Kristin Bell was definitely the worst dressed of the night. This is a seriously ugly dress! It's actually a vomit/migraine inducing dress and the shoes actually hurt me to look at - ugh, SO UGLY! I really hope no one dressed her because if she had a stylist they should never be hired again. They should actually be deported so they never inflict something this hideous on the red carpet again.

That's my take - what are your thoughts?

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