Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Nine premiered in NY tonight with all of the stars of the movie turning out. Here's the highlights (good and bad) from the red carpet:

Marion Cotillard looked stunning in white! She is perfection.

Okay, I love MK and Ashley's quirky style. The jackets, long dresses and colourful accessories are fantastic. What I love about these two is they never look like anyone else (even each other ;-)

Madonna brought her daughter out for the event. Both outfits are a little too 80's retro for me.

Nicole Kidman wore a beautifully detailed black cocktail dress. Love it! I hate the shoes though - so boring!

This dress is amazing! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Naomi Watts.

Okay - I have a big problem with this dress. It is hideous! Ugh, Penelope...why do you insist on dressing like a Miss World contestant?

Kate Hudson wore a random leopard print sequin dress with a horrible train. If the mini didn't have a grotesque tail hanging off the back of it I would have liked it but the train is gag-inducing. And the shoes are pretty ugly too...

Fergie wore a grecian-inspired white column dress and looked lovely. I don't love the dress but I think that compared to Kate and Penelope, Fergie looks great!

I couldn't resist another photo of MK and Ashley. Love these two!

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  1. Miss World Contestant? That comment is both very true and complete awesomeness.

  2. That gingha dress looks like something you would see on Green Acres or Hee Haw! I would put it on my top 10 worst dress list for 2009.

  3. MK & Ashley look like they stole their coat from the Sasquash! Not a nice thing to do girls.



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