Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I just received a distressed email from Sam C asking me to post on Jessica Biel's latest disaster of an outfit. Here's Sam's review of Jessica's look:

'When I saw this picture of Jessica Biel I felt so violated by her outfit it compelled me to write you and plea for you to smear her on your fashion blog. HAHA. Ok no, seriously though take a look. It's so wrong all over - from the earrings to the blazer with that t-shirt, awkward skirt and absolutely HORRIFIC shoes to match the whole look. How is she dating JT and dressing like this? No stylist? FAIL. No surprise, Biel always dresses to disappoint, but as JT's girlfriend she should know better."

I've got to agree with Sam. This look is beyond tragic. It's disturbing that someone with all of the connections (seriously JT is one of the most stylish guys out there) can always look so wrong. I don't think she's ever worn an outfit that I've liked. I actually like some of the pieces that she's wearing here but put together it's a horrible combination. I have a soft spot for Roger Vivier flats but not with this outfit. Good thing she's got such a great body! It's the only thing going for her.

So what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with our thoughts on Jessica's outfit?

Source: Just Jared

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  1. Shelfy is a disaster. When is JT gonna dump her already....



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