Thursday, October 8, 2009


When I was in NY, I had a disturbing conversation with Jordana about Duran Duran. Jordana said she couldn't name and didn't think she'd ever heard of any Duran Duran songs. As a child of the 80's this was blasphemy to me (it comes close to my DH not having watched any John Hughes films growing up but that's a story for another day). Rio, Wild Boys, Hungry Like A Wolf, Notorious, Reflex, Come Undone, etc., etc., their songs are up there with Like A Virgin and Thriller for me. The Wild Boys video was crazy - these boys were seriously stylish! The purpose of this post is to examine Duran Duran as a vintage style spotlight and remember some of my favourite Duran Duran videos. What do you think - are there more people out there who have never heard a Duran Duran song?!?

Here are links to some more of my favourite Duran Duran videos: Notorious, Hungry Like A Wolf, Reflex, Rio, View To A Kill, Save A Prayer, Girls On Film. Enjoy!

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