Monday, August 10, 2009


There were a lot of horrible outfits worn to the Teen Choice Awards last night. Here are my choices for the worst looks of the night.

Oh Britney - you can buy clothes but you can't buy class. Sorry, even in Roberto Cavalli and Jimmy Choo you look trashy! It's a definite improvement from the shaved head crazy look she rocked last year.

Miley Cyrus wore a skirt from Haute Hippie and a tank from Hanes. I know she was going for a rocker chick look but she just looks skanky.

Did anyone tell Kristen Bell to look in a mirror before she left the house? This outfit is beyond hideous! It honestly looks like something you'd wear to paint. Brutal!

Hayden doesn't know how to dress her age. Why would she wear this dress to the Teen Choice Awards? It looks like a bridesmaids dress gone bad. She should be wearing something young and fun.

Nikki Reed wore Miu Miu. The accessories are great - love the shoes and clutch. But the dress looks awful on her. I actually love the cut/shape of the dress but the pattern doesn't work for her.

Hate this bustier and shoes! Ashley Greene is such a pretty girl but this outfit sucks.

Amanda Bynes loves wearing Herve Leger dresses. She's got a great body but these dresses just look awkward on her.

Jordan Sparks wore a dress from bebe. I think it's nice that she doesn't want to spend a lot on a designer dress but that doesn't help her from looking like she's wearing a cheap prom dress that's way too tight.

Audrina looks trashy as per usual. I hate the purple dress, purple clutch and turquoise shoes.

Sorry Taylor - I love you but you looked horrible last night. The tight vest and over faded jeans just look awkward.

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  1. Why does Hayden always wear dresses that make her look two feet tall? Awful!


  2. OMG I take back my prior comment... everyone did NOT look great lol.



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