Thursday, August 27, 2009


GQ featured John Cho in a photo shoot that was taken at GM's tech center. I love the 60's retro look and feel of these photos. The double-breasted suits that he's wearing are fabulous. And of course John Cho is amazing - so talented. Harold & Kumar still kills me!


  1. I love this photo shoot. Amazing styling and he looks so great!

  2. So glad that you featured this! As part of my job in GM communications, I had a chance to attend a product showcase at the Tech Center, where this shoot took place. It really is a swanky place full of artists and designers.

  3. I, too, work in GM communications and think the Tech Center is a mid-century marvel. MenuManiac is right, GM's designers are right out of central casting and many are worthy of their own GQ shoot. Sophisticated and fashion-forward.

    The photos are amazing and capture the atmosphere beautifully. Really gorgeous.



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