Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Samantha and I went back and forth on this today. Angelina Jolie attended the Inglourious Basterds premiere in LA last night wearing a leather strapless Michael Kors dress and Dior heels. Samantha thinks she looks like a*s and I'm slightly undecided. I think her hair and makeup look brutal but I think her style is a vast improvement on how she normally looks (which is super boring). I love the pockets on the leather dress and her shoes are killer. What are your thoughts? Was Angelina a hit or a miss at this event?

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  1. I think she looks fab. I love that she's wearing a form-fitting dress for a change--I'm kind of over the flowy mumus. And the shoes are amazing.

  2. Don't get me wrong, the dress is good and the shoes are hot... but to me her hair and face look greasy, dirty and not movie premiere worthy

  3. I like that she's relatively understated. She totally pulls off the leather. I liked her hair.

  4. I actually like how Angelina dresses. But I don't think she's done anything cool here.




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