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The 4th annual Symposium on Matters of Unimportant Topics, better known as the SMUT Soiree, was held on Tuesday night. I've asked Samantha, who attended the event, to provide a review on the event and to dish on all the smutty things she learned. Hope you enjoy Samantha's guest post below!

Since La Dauphine is the go-to blog for all things fashion, style and entertainment, it only seemed fitting when Lauren asked me to contribute to her blog that I report on my experience at the 4th annual Symposium on Matters of Unimportant Topics, better known as the SMUT Soiree.

SMUT was hosted by Lainey and The Society. For those of you living under a rock, Lainey (officially Elaine Lui) is Canada’s top celebrity gossip blogger and her website LaineyGossip gets millions of hits. I had never heard of The Society before the event, but according to its website it is “the culture club for the creative class”. I do not know what that means, but to become a member you must be referred by two existing members. SMUT was a rare occasion where The Society hosted an event open to non-members. The event sold out just upon a mention on LaineyGossip… even before details of the event, including the location, were revealed. Which brings me to the highlight; the event was inspired by, in Lainey’s words, “a kick ass Grey Goose Oscar bash which was hidden away in a nondescript office building, stripped down, and even a little secretive. Partygoers were not told where to go until just two hours before, some even having no clue even en route.” So for two weeks, my BFF and I had reserved spots (there was a glitch in my friend’s reservation but I will not go into details except to say we were lucky that Lainey’s husband Jacek is a nice guy) but had no idea where we would be going!

The big reveal came by email a few days before the event. Some might say the highlight was not the super secretive location but rather the open bar. The event was sponsored in part by [yellowtail], Beefeater 24 and Cointreau, so red, white, cocktails and my personal favourite, bubblies were flowing. The event planning was less than stellar, as they ran out of clean glasses. There was also the problem of no air conditioning…. and it was sweltering. It took a moment to notice, but the location was an empty industrial unit having something to do with home flooring. There was a teeny tiny outdoor patio which everyone crammed on to in order to escape the heat after the gossip session with Lainey, MTV’s Dan Levy and the National Post’s Shinan Govani.

The crowd was given carte blanche to ask the panel all things gossip-related. Most wanted Lainey to reveal her famous blind riddles. We learned that many big name Hollywood celebs are allegedly total pervs (Adam Sandler, Chris Rock), have gay inclinations (Diane Lane, Matt Damon and George Clooney…. yes that’s right, George Clooney) or are major divas (Beyonce…. that one I think we already knew but Lainey does a killer Beyonce imitation). Shinan did not say much whereas Dan was even more adorable in person than on TV. I felt a little like an RPattz obsessed Twihard when asking Lainey for a photo, but she was approachable and friendly. She definitely understands that her fans are her lifeblood though I expected her to be more stylish. Most of the crowd had gone to a lot of trouble to get dolled-up for the evening – some more successful in their attempts than others. The focus of the event was style and fashion as the other sponsors, Schwartzkopf, Dior Beauty and the Bay, had stations to get you “red carpet ready”. I was therefore disappointed in Lainey’s curious footwear choice, she was wearing black Converse All Stars with her party dress!

Lainey and The Society were successful in throwing a super secretive and exclusive Hollywood themed party. I was even “papped” by FASHION Magazine, who will be posting images from the event on their website starting July 6th. My night at SMUT left me with the brief feeling of being part of the Hollywood elite, that is except for the lack of any actual Hollywood celebrities, the second-rate swag and the busted air conditioning!
- Samantha

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