Monday, June 1, 2009


The MTV Movie Awards felt like it lacked some of the big 'A-list' star power last night but it definitely didn't lack style - both good and bad. Here's my take on the celebs who were trying way too hard.

Miley Cyrus' dress is SO BORING! It honestly looks like something someone should wear to a luncheon - not the MTV Movie Awards. Why does Miley insist on dressing like she's 35?
WORST OF THE NIGHT! I don't know who let Megan Fox leave the house looking like this but everything about her look is atrocious. The dress reminds me of something Beyonce would wear on the red carpet (remember her hideous Oscar dress? I think this is just a shorter version) and her hair looks like a truckers mullet. Can you believe the dress is actually Dolce & Gabanna? Crazy!

I really like Kristin Bell (loved her as Veronica Mars) but this dress just looks like an 80's prom dress. The bubbles and volume of the skirt look awful and the shoes don't do anything to help the dress.

Did LeAnn Rimes forget where she was going? This is the MTV Movie Awards not the Grammy's! Let's forget about the fact that this dress is a train wreck for a second and remember that the MTV Movie awards is all about youth - it's a party. LeAnn looks like she's trying WAY too hard!

I think whoever dressed LeAnn Rimes must have dressed Brody Jenner's playboy model girlfriend Jayde Nicole too. She looks like she's dressed for a beauty pageant not the MTV Movie Awards. I think the over dressing was contagious this year.  

Another Hills personality, Stephanie Pratt, looked ridiculous on the red carpet. The top of her dress doesn't look like it fits properly and the bottom is an unfinished mess. 

Twilight disaster! OMG - who the hell did her hair and makeup?!?! Ashley Greene is a beautiful girl - stunning actually - but her disaster of a hair style makes her look like a pathetic second-rate 50's pin-up girl. And nothing about the dress is flattering. It actually makes her look big and she is super tiny! I do love her shoes though. I have a weakness for purple heels! As for Kellan Lutz, the hat needs to go but aside from that he looks appropriately dressed for the show. 

Paris Hilton is tacky. Not much more to say except that her feet look ginormous!

Rumor Willis' dress is interesting. I like the pattern and colors but the cut just doesn't look good on her. 

Another Hills personality - Audrina Partridge wearing a tacky ass dress. The color washes her out and the one-shoulder sequince just looks cheap. 

Hayden Panettiere wore Emanuel Ungaro on the red carpet. The dress doesn't work for me. The draping on the front doesn't sit well and the layers to the skirt make it look like a costume. 

Photos: Getty Images, Wire Image


  1. Spot on as usual on all of these. Ashley Greene's hair makes me want to cry. Have you noticed the weird bent-back pose Paris Hilton has been doing in nearly all photos lately? Every time I see it makes me think her dress is about to fall down and she's trying to keep it up by contorting herself. Trying WAY too hard.

  2. I feel so bad for Ashely because she's such a beautiful girl. My fingers are crossed that she'll have a better stylist for the New Moon Premiere.

    Paris is always trying WAY too hard. Everything about her is wrong. And I agree that her weird bent-back pose is super annoying!

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