Monday, June 1, 2009


It was hard to notice anyone aside from the Twilight boys last night. Twilight pretty much swept every award category. And the Kings of Leon were fantastic!

Rob looked uncomfortable whenever he was up on the stage (which was pretty much all night) but he also looked super stylish. The hair was perfect!

Couldn't resist including another photo...

Taylor's look is perfect for the MTV Movie Awards. Compared to Kristen and Rob, Taylor looked like an old pro up on stage. BTW - was I the only one with my jaw on the floor when I saw Taylor in the New Moon trailer? Wow!

Cam Gigandet oozes style. I loved the casualness of his look. Too bad he won't be on the red carpet for the New Moon!

Kings of Leon rocked!

The band arriving on the red carpet. They look a bit uncomfortable but still fantastic!

Photos: Getty Images, Wire Image, Just Jared


  1. Did you see the movie trailer? I was skeptical about Taylor before but wowzers - he is looking fab...But I'm still on Team Edward.

  2. Yes - the trailer looks SO GOOD! I think Taylor is perfect as Jacob. I loved the wolf transformation! Can't wait until November.

  3. I have no fashion comment here. Just thank you for 2 RPatz photos. And also it was hard to pick my jaw off the floor after the shirtless Taylor Lautner shots in the New Moon trailer. Seems wrong to look at him though, he's just a baby!

  4. I is it possible that he's only 17!



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