Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hollywood came out to celebrate the premiere of The Hangover in LA last night. There weren't any standout looks on the red carpet - it was actually pretty boring from a fashion perspective but here are the highlights.

Mary-Kate walked the red carpet in support of her sisters boyfriend. There's nothing spectacular about her outfit but her shoes are bad ass! BTW - she's looking great lately. Her hair looks fantastic.
Sasha Barrese in an adorable black dress. No idea who she is but she looks great!

Kristin Bell is wearing a printed neutral colored dress. I love her necklaces (it's actually two necklaces put together) but the dress is lame.

Mary-Kate and Ashley don't attend movie premiere's very often but they both turned out to support Ashley's BF Justin Bartha. Not crazy about the dress but the shoes are hot and like her sister she's having a great hair day.

The star of the movie, Bradley Cooper with Eva Mendes. Bradley definitely knows how to wear a suit. Looks great!

Eva Mendes wore a long white summer dress on the red carpet. She wasn't in the movie so it seems like an appropriate outfit for the red carpet. Don't love it but don't hate it either...

Zac Efron was probably the most stylish person at the premiere. Seriously, how long do you think it takes him to style his hair?

Not sure who let Audrina walk the red carpet (or why) but she looks boring.

I like Kate Walsh's use of color with her Stella McCartney blouse and skirt. Again, I don't love it but it's probably one of my favorites from the event overall.

Photos: Wire Image, Getty Images


  1. I'm so glad you posted MK's photo. I LOVE her shoes. And you're right--she did have a good hair day.

  2. Kate's legs look super long! I might have to rethink heels again...



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