Monday, June 8, 2009


Is there such a thing as a fashion-curse? And does something lose its cool as soon as Paris Hilton wears it?

This post will be of a slightly philosophical nature as I ponder the question of whether something stops being cool as soon as Paris Hilton wears it. That's my dilemma today. You may remember that I posted about my love for Nicole Richie's new jewellery line House of Harlow back in May. I bought the black resin necklace and absolutely adore it (although I've only worn it once or twice). Unfortunately I came across pictures of Paris Hilton wearing the necklace and besides having to control my gag-reflex (ugh!), I also have the dilemma of whether I can wear something after Paris Hilton has been seen in it. If I focus on the photos of Nicole wearing the necklace I feel like I can't give it up but as soon as I let my mind wander back to Paris I get into trouble. What are your thoughts? Has something been fashion-cursed once Paris has worn it? 

Photos: Getty Images, Shop The Trend


  1. You may have to burn it... sorry L!

  2. Lainey is so right! She really is the ebola virus...destroys everything that she touches. Boo hoo!

  3. Consider regifting it... the good karma will erase Ebola's curse.

  4. if you're going to regift, think of me :-) LOL.
    it's a beautiful necklace. forget the ebola.



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