Thursday, June 25, 2009


YSL is my favourite lipstick/lipgloss brand on the market. The colours are amazing, the texture silky smooth and ultra nourishing. And best of all, they have a great apricot scent! Below are the three YSL lip products that I swear by.

YSL Golden Gloss adds an amazing shot of colour/shine. It has a mirror-effect on the lips which sparkles with mother-of-pearl (so cool). A complex of nourishing oils protects the lips making and make the gloss feel more like a nourishing lip balm. And the shimmer is amazing! I have the gloss in a quite a few colours but #1 Simply and #10 Golden Peony are my favourites.

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick has SPF 15 and comes in 18 colours. The packaging is super fun - there's a mirror on the top that you can use to apply your lipstick! This has a cream texture that is both light and covering. It almost becomes fluid when it's put on the lips and feels delightful thanks to a nutri-protective vegetal complex that nourishes your lips, keeping them smooth, soft and comfortable. I have #1 Nude Beige, #7 Lingerie Pink, #8 Fetish Pink and #9 Caress Pink and wear them all the time.

YSL's Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick is a super shiny (sheer) lipstick that provides sparkling, transparent colour. Like the YSL Golden Gloss and Rouge Volupte, the Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick is hydrating and smells really yummy! It also has SPF 15. #24 Natural Pink is my go-to colour for day-to-day.

Do you have any lipstick/lip gloss brands that you swear by?


  1. Lo, I had no idea that you wear lipstick. These are things that I should know about. By the way, if you're into Mother of Pearl, you should check out the new Stila shadows. They were one of my 5 summer picks from my May guest post. As for my favourite lipstick brands, I still really enjoy Stila lip glosses and I'm a fan of some of Chanel's. oooh! And, I also really like the Prescriptive glosses. They go on great!

  2. I have a few Chanel glosses as well. I really like them but the YSL always wins out as my absolute favourite. They feel like lip balms but have the best gloss/shine. Day-to-day I usually stick to the sheer lipstick with gloss but I like wearing the Rouge Volupte lipstick when I go out at night. It's a really great shot of colour.

    I definitely need to try the Stila shadow set you recommended. I tend to always wear Stila shadow in Honey during the day.

  3. I want some Yves lippies to add my collection. These are good tips on colours. Will have to check them out soon!

  4. You'll have to tell me what you think. I honestly can't live without my YSL.

  5. I will! It's on my Wish list after I finish Project Revisit/Project 10 pan. I will probably cave in though and get one lipstick in July. LOL.

    Dior glosses and lipsticks are nice too. Just had a makeover there recently and loved all the stuff!

  6. I bought Ultimate Beige and Pink Caress and am in love!

  7. Yay! So glad you tried them! They are so amazing - I honestly can't live without my YSL lipsticks/glosses.



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